Monday, December 1, 2008

Playdate with Athena & Irvin

I had the great honour of being invited to Mel's place for a playdate for the children, 3 weeks ago.

The night before I had briefly mentioned to Athena about "another Athena" mei-mei she will meet the next day. She didn't seem puzzled as to why there's another girl with the same name.
In the lift this morning, she asked me this question out of the blue "mummy, is it Athena mummy also go to Athens before?" I think so ..........but I think.... was it the Olympics year she was born, Mel?

Not nice to be late for a first meeting but I was! First, I remembered the wrong timing -thinking it was at 9.30am. Then it was wrong time execution in leaving the house- coz' I forgot to pack the molds the night before. Argh!! We're going to make little molds. The children were introduced and it didn't take them long to start playing together. While the 2 of us slogged hard outside to mold the plasters - must try to make $$ to pay school fees. I
t was fun though I don't understand why Mel was so apologetic about the whole thing, making me work for my first visit
(I was eventually bribed with her tasty apple crumble). I
went there prepared, and ahem............coz' I want to know the outcome in using plaster of paris
(so she's made the guinea pig - - she thinks I was that kind. *evil laughter*). We wasted two bottles, very wasteful but... thank goodness that's cheap and we gotta try to know right?
Subsequently we made some, but I think she'd do a better job without me. She's more of a perfectionist than me compared to a very impatient me. I get to meet QQ again for the second time, charming little girl. Both QQ and my Athena wanted to wait for Athena mei-mei at the lift but they gave up after that.
At that time, I noticed Athena putting her hand on QQ's shoulder like guiding her (It is a total different behaviour I see if she's with Alexandra - 2 gila girls start running about.) and taking care of her gently. I'm so proud of my girl.

Had lunch, thanks to Mel's helper who slogged hard in the kitchen while KZ helped with looking after the children. It was a test and a proof to show Mel that my Athena is really fussy about food (she complained she was hungry the moment we stepped out of her lift). Sigh........why?why?why? So I'm not bullshitting hor?

I heard Athena play the piano for the first time and live some more - not from Youtube. And I must say that girl is great - such a tremendous improvement within that few months (I thought it was longer). Learning with private teacher is definitely faster than if you go through school. Anyway, I'm more convinced now that,
if there's a need to pull her out from Yamaha for hindering the rests of the class, my option of switching her to private will be much better.

Okay, photo photos :

Thanks for your kind invitation and hospitality, Mel. Will let you know of the date for our playdate soon.


M said...

It's my kids who are easy to feed... they tend to eat like starving kids at other people's homes. And ur kids aren't the first guests who look at our food and refuse to eat :P .

Aricia was so lively, bouncing up and down and yup can certainly hear her! :) Ur Athena was perfectly behaved in every sense throughout, taking care of all the younger ones.

Lily Ann said...

Isn't it good, they eat whatever's presented to them. My kids are way too fussy and it's not coz' we spoilt them. We tried..all means and it's really exhausting. No matter how good the food tastes, they decline.
I was so worried my kids will tear your house down, kill the fish, slam against the sliding door, break the mirror, your things in the house.