Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My week/s

Haven't been able to update it in time (again). Massive updates!

14th (Sunday)
Athena chanced upon the origami book I bought quite some time back as I was doing some re-organising and asked to try it out.

15th (Monday)
Went to the new school to collect her shoes and to try to get some stuffs from the bookshop. It's still not available. At the same time brought her for a walk around the school; looking for her classroom. Couldn't find it, from a distance I thought I saw a classroom but wasn't sure. Athena asked me and I jokingly told her that "that's the detention corner". But I really can't find her classroom so I think that's her class. And what do you think I briefed her about? The same kiasu thing that my mom taught me "sit in the first row, in the middle"
Can't wait for orientation day.

After school, brought them to Downtown East for some fun @ Explorer. Dunno why Aricia is so scared now, had problem bringing her around the tubes and what nots, she was clinging tightly and screaming.. and you know when you have a struggling child; it's so difficult to carry her and try to balance myself. And worst still - when it's my first time going in with her and I don't even know where I was heading for.

I didn't sleep the whole night (serious!) - was rushing through some artwork to make Thank You gifts for the teachers in her school. So when they wanted to sit down to do some crafts, I agreed and sat down on the floor leaning against the 'mushroom' and fell asleep. With me falling asleep for that 20 mins, and them doing the crafts I had to pay extra hour in Explorer Kids. Worth it? Not worth it for them coz' I can easily do the crafts with them @ home but it's worth it for me. Hahaha!

16th (Tuesday)
My long awaited parcel finally came. This is the last batch of educational stuffs. But I do have one more parcel which is being sent direct to my home not via VPost and it's still not here!! It's already been coming to 2 months. And it's the most important parcel coz' it's filled with our Christmas cards and some small gifts. I had to purchase something from Myphotoalbum to maintain my account. Normally I don't purchase anything from my online album, would prefer to end subscription and change to another one. But this time, I thought it'd be good to have my childrens' faces in the Xmas card. What a wrong decision I've made! No sign of parcel - how? I don't have enough time to send out new cards (and what if the parcel comes??) - to friends overseas. Keep until next Xmas? By then the children faces also changed.
Fed up!

17th (Wednesday)
Athena has another mini-concert for her YJC class today. Brought mei-mei along and thank goodness she wasn't kicked out of the room. Athena had been practising well at home but when she was doing her solo she made alot of silly mistakes. Dunno what the heck she was doing!!

The funniest thing is that most of her classmates are more keen in giving out each other little goodies. Peggy had to stop them so many times but still was ignored. Hee! And mei-mei was looking on at what the che-ches were doing and then she ...> pulled the pacifier from her mouth and offered to Peggy. I think that's really sweet of her to offer her most precious thing (smelly pacifier) to Peggy.

At the end of the concert, Peggy played 2 Christmas songs for the children to sing. When she was playing Jingle Bells, mei-mei started shaking her pacifier (in her hand) to the rhythm. So cute!

22nd Dec - Orientation Day
The day my girl will get to meet her classmates. The day I will see to it that I will be a mega bitch and not talk to any mothers.
It's amazing how the teachers who taught when I was in primary school still look the same. They don't seem to have aged at all.

Margaret, the principal, gave a talk in the school hall. One the thing she mentioned is that there's this "thing" that is instilled in all IJ girls, confident women. And..oh yes, she said "so, all of you men here made the right choice in marrying your wives." In my mind, I was thinking - I gave my hubby another bonus. I'm mentally unsound!
I thought I saw my classmate sitting right across me. So when the talk ended, I went up to her and asked. OMG! Can't believe that I bumped into my classmate. Can't believe that once we were classmates having no worries are now mothers. A role that we never thought we could handle. It's good to catch up with her too. We weren't close in class but it's okay.. things can pick up from here. I haven't had the chance to see who I might know. On the day, so many parents - I'm overwhelmed.
Worst! When hubby had to leave the hall to take a call. I'm suddenly overwhelmed with so many forms to fill up on my own.

Blah blah blah
Some updates are over in the childrens' blogs, too tired to blog here.

Can you believe it! My parcel is not here!! So no Christmas cards to be sent out this year. I'm so disappointed. Is it lost somewhere in the ocean? Or if it's by air - got lost at Bermuda Triangle? And what the ..? I spent close to S$100 for the cards and some small gifts. I want to start cursing and swearing. #@$%
Should my parcel arrive just in time next Christmas, my children would have looked different. Perhaps recycle the cards for something else? Birthday cards? Ha! Just when I was so excited with this parcel, it had to disappoint me.

In one of the news clip, Deidre Moss of SPCA was citing that people are giving up their pets. Infact, let me quote what she said "don't give up pets due to economic downturn. They can help you reduce stress." The moment she said that, I told hubby "then, I must give up my 2 children." He got the joke and bursts out laughing "which one?" "2" - anyone up for takes?? Going to be your bestest and noisiest Christmas ever!

No time to sit down with Athena to make gifts for her teachers. Decided to send it out to printer to make mousepads. Turn out, the printout don't look good. I feel so bad....

Christmas week - Hubby cleared his leave on eve onwards till end of the year. But he don't get to enjoy his leave at all, he had to work (still). Brother is also clearing his leave and one morning he asked hubby "so.. is there anyone who can cover your duties while you're on leave? Anyone to share your job?" I stared at brother and hubby was very secretive....okay we don't tell everyone what position hubby is holding. We even get interrupted during our holidays (and I can hear his staff saying "I'm so sorry to disturb you now. Okay... enjoy yourselves.) Okay, so hubby is in the indispensible position where the company can't do without him. But then again, it can also be the dangerous spot - if the company wants to fire anyone. So at the moment, I shan't complain that he's not spending enough time with me or us during his leave. With the economic downturn, I should be grateful that he still has a job to put chocolates on our dining table & I have sufficient $$ to spend. Kekeke!

I hate the last week of December, it's all the goodbyes that we've said to friends. I hate it, it's such a sore to have the year in such sore manner!!! I hate separations! Next year onwards, I'm going to be a stuck-up; quiet bitch. I'm not going to make friends with any of my childrens' friends mothers. So that separations won't be so teary 6 years/4 years down the road. I'm going to be a mega BITCH!!!

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