Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blur day

How blur can I be? Not that I woke up very early (rather I had insufficient sleep) that made me can't think straight today - well ehh......more like till the afternoon.

First thing in the morning, I sent my car for servicing. And blur sotong me can drive into >> Tan Chong!!! Those who've been around Toa Payoh would know that Tan Chong and Motor Image are just next to each other. And it wasn't that "turn slightly early" mistake that I made but rather I kept thinking I was going to Tan Chong. I only realise my mistake when I stop at the guard house, si bei paiseh........ made a reverse there and turned out.

After gym, I stopped to have my lunch. What I had was a cup of tea infront of me, I was looking at the tea and holding to the sugar sachet. Some what my brain tells me not to drop the sachet into the cup but I don't know what happened I dropped it. And it wasn't accidental but more of deliberately. @#$%! My hand and brain can't co-ordinate. Duh!
The rests of the meal saw me dropping my food on my jeans; table. Argh! What's wrong with my today?!?!?!

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