Monday, December 1, 2008


* breath in; breath out * Can't seem to relax, seems like alot of things I need to do.

Need to send car for servicing, which I only made appointment earlier on for tomorrow. So that I can gym while waiting. I think I'm going to forget about bringing Athena to try out the Stiles.. can't seem to let her pontang much within this week and next until her concert is over.
I have yet to bring her for any Meet & Greets. Eyeing on Strawberry Shortcake shows though, coz' both girls like her... but it means all the queuing and dunno what nots which can be very daunting.
Playdate! Playdate! Still haven't found the date. Tell you why>>>>>>>>>>>

My children have classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Though her Hanyu Pinyin class is going to end on the 9th Dec. I can't pull her out from school anymore coz' she has her rehearsals and class is still on-going.
On the 15th Dec that week, I'll be free except Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But I've already kept that 16th & 18th for a friend. Actually not that I can't pull her out from school for some activity or group outing on Wednesday. Perhaps I can if it's short and she gets her rest before her class.
Come 22nd week - 22nd is already occupied with the school orientation. (Actually I need to be back at the school on the 15th to pick up her shoes and some exercise books so might walk around the school with her.)
So that leaves me only 23rd, 24th and 26th. But maybe 26th will be Athena's last day in school... I wouldn't want her to ..........rather the mother can't let go the parting...
29th that week, I will start sending Aricia to her school. And then mebbe send Athena to school for the REALLY IT'S HER LAST DAY on Monday and then hug hug her teachers. (argh! forgot we're suppose to make something for her teachers)


Do a drafting first on their schedules. I need to check with Athena's school if there's any long hours in school for P1. Don't ask me to call them coz' they're busy packing up to move over. And they probably packed up the phone as well??
Mentally I run through the drills I need to do daily. "Open (car)door and tell Athena "hurry! Walk faster, school bell's going to ring soon. Muack! Mummy love you", close door, drive off, open door "hurry! be careful Aricia. Go to school, don't bully your friends. Muack! Mummy love you.", close door, drive off, FREE TIME (gym or back home to prepare materials), open door "how's school today Aricia?", close door, drive off and park somewhere first, open door "come mummy feed you first", close door, open door, close door "what did you learn in school today. How was your spelling test? How can you forgot how to spell this word... it's so easy..", open door, close door "che-che hurry up eat your lunch, don't drop anything in the car; don't touch anything in the car, eat with your spoon!!!! Ai yoh!!!", open door (depending on days whether they're out with me or back home immediately)"hurry! mei-mei's late for her Shichida class. Che-che hurry up! Bring your schoolbag down, do your homework (*nag nag nag*while walking) while waiting for mummy okay?", open door, close door, drive off, open door, close door.

Wah..........boring life.

Starting from this month, I've asked the Indian man to wash our cars. I managed to work a deal with him to wash both cars. 3x on hubby's car and 2x on mine. Makes life a little easier but I still need to do alot of interior cleaning.

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