Monday, March 6, 2017

Playdate with A

Lil' one's friend, A, has been asking her over to her house for a playdate for about a week. I asked if her mother is aware of this and asked for her mom's contact number so that I'm certain she is aware of this "invitation" (coz I was worried they were planning this secretly) and we can discuss on the arrangement after Sports Day.

She is really excited. If I remember clearly, this would be her first playdate alone with her friend. 

I haven't organised any playdate for lil' one
I spoke this for the longest time - years! Started since she got to know C, her MMI friend at 3 or 4 years-old. Gasp! That's 6 to 7 years. No wonder she said I was being unfair as che-che had so many playdates but she had NONE. We had friends over at our place so many times. 
Honestly, she can't blame me. As lil' one was growing up at the age when I had che-che's small little friends over, che-che was already in Primary school. There wasn't any way I could have her friends over when I had to shuttle che-che for her tuition/s. 
Perhaps I should really find a day to have her friend over at our house.   

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