Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Why does favoritism even exist in this world? Why can't everyone be impartial? 

Che-che is really pissed with this girl from her same cohort in the band. And worst! They're in the same section.

Since Sec 1, she's been complaining to me about HC, how irritating she is.
1) Act like she knows everything but actually don't know
2) Rude
3) Orders people around
4) Kiss up to teachers' ass / Pulls strings
5) Cries like a baby
6) Good actress

Many times I asked che-che to complain to the Band Teacher. But she says he won't listen coz he favors her plus he hates my girl's guts. And she can't show the proof coz' HC will twist the story around. And most times it happens during sectionals. Meaning, different sections goes to different room for practice with their tutor. And there were only 2 of them that year!  
She has also complaint, grouch about her, to her close friends in school but nobody believed her. Some even tell her to forgive her, she can't be that bad etc.. But this year, some of them are in the same class as her and they finally seen for themselves what my girl says about her. 

(1) Act like she knows everything but actually don't know
What transpired during sectionals was that she acted like as if she knew how to play the saxophone and kept bragging that she's doing G8 for her violin. So she claims she's THAT GOOD / TALENTED in any instruments. (Truth is, she do play the violin with another girl, B, in school sometimes. But when I spoke with my friend W, she didn't have anything nice to say about HC - in a world of her own. Doesn't listen to others.). Oh! She did tell the tutor that she's better than him. HUH? Daring! Then she should teach! When he asked them to play scales, the smarter than tutor girl couldn't even play. When she did, she said she could play going up but can't play coming down. ?!?!?! Tutor snubbed at her "I thought you said you're very good. Grade 8 and you don't know?" Personally, I feel good listening skills will be able to help a person with the scales.   
Che-che is the quiet type as compared to the wayang HC, in such incidences HC will be the domineering kind whereas che-che will be the 'bullied' one. Thing is, girl is the non-confrontational type. She also knows she won't stoop down to her level to 'fight' with her coz eventually people around them will be able to see for themselves who is the better one. 
She has a big A problem. She tends to rush through playing, I don't know if she's trying to catch a train or a plane. So when she rushes through the piece, everyone else's has to follow pace otherwise it'll be disastrous. 

(2) Rude
HC has dropped her saxophone and tuner many times. During one of the sectionals, her tuner was spoilt. She didn't ask for permission from che-che and reached out to grab che-che's tuner. That took che-che by surprise as it was clipped on the stand, as a result of her using her strength, she dropped the tuner on the floor. That was the rare moment when che-che got so angry and shouted at her. And she ...... cried, acting like she is the victim of bully. What the ?!?  

(3) Orders people around
Acting like a boss, telling people to do this and that since Sec 1 and 2. Sec 1, during sectionals she would order che-che. But che-che can't be bothered with her. Mid of Sec 2 she was chosen to be the Section Leader (just coz she's the teacher's pet or she tries to act the bullied one in front of teacher, so teacher took pity on her that everyone is going against her. If that's the case, I'll say the teacher is also one kind who can't make proper judgement) and expects everyone to listen to her but nobody does. She acted like she was better than che-che and .... okay taught the juniors wrong thing. Che-che corrected her, and she snubbed back at che-che saying she is correct. And when tutor came back and scolded the juniors she kept quiet. However this year, things took a change when teacher scolded the juniors, the bitch actually put the blame on che-che and another senior Y. When I asked her why they didn't fight for their rights since the juniors are there as witness, she says the teacher won't believe a word they say. 
I asked che-che so what happens when the juniors join them in the main band after half year, she said she just sat and watched, didn't tell them how bad that girl was. But slowly they realised who the bitchy person was and .... didn't like her and ganged up against her. She's keeping quiet with the new Sec 1s.
Even now, she says the juniors take no orders from HC. Instead they listen to che-che, so she says she's like the Section Leader instead.      

I had a good laugh recently when HC asked two other girls to stay behind either on Monday or Tuesday for additional practice coz' they need to get in tune. Che-che's reply via her spam Instagram account reads :"just saying but practicing tuning doesn't mean you'll be in tune during the concert. its better to practice ur HEARING to know whether u are in tune or not."
Che-che's not wrong. It's true. That girl don't listen to others. I've heard her play before. Years prior, she don't get scolding but this year seems like the teacher is scolding her more  - according to che-che.  

(4) Kiss up to teacher's ass/ Pulls strings
And sorry to say that teacher also don't know how to make a good judgement. 
Last year's WBAS, according to che-che HC knew the judges. So she was able to get into the Advance Band coz' usually it's only those in JCs or upper secondary will be in it. However I did explain to che-che that whether she likes it or not, this is the world. Alot of people try to make use of connection to get their position, not based on their capability.

(5) Cries like a baby
OMG! Please grow up! You're already a teenager. Even my 8 year-old girl don't cry like you do. Small little things, she cries. 

(6) Good actress
Ahh..... but it takes a veteran - ME - to see through her acting skills. Afterall, don't forget I was once an SQ girl, the best actress in the world. Hahaha! 
I remember that was last year (Sec 2) when they had a recital, she "limped" her way down the stairs in the room. Acting like she was in pain. I rolled my eyes ... true enough when she reached the bottom of the stairs and then she walked on flat floor, she wasn't limping. ?!? She was cured! In the car, I asked che-che and she was shocked that I saw through her acting. Said she cried when there was only a bruise, pretended to be in pain BUT nobody asked her how she was. And she spoilt her saxophone after she ran and fell. AGAIN! In Sec 1, before the recital also she ran and fell and caused a dent in her saxophone. I noticed she was gesturing something to someone that time. After the recital, I asked che-che if HC had to borrow someone's saxophone. I'm good, ain't I? I should be a fortune-teller!

All in all, I asked che-che over the years if it's likely she's going to be the Band Major next time. She won't be surprise coz' she's teacher's pet. Things took a turn, for the good, Band Major is -- NOT HER! Thank goodness! It went to a girl who truly deserves it. Apparently, she wasn't happy. Maybe it sank into her that her years of kissing up teacher's ass went into the drain.  

At least che-che isn't a hypocrite. She don't stoop low or bribe people to be her friends.

Yet again, it's sad to say that some people who knows how to put on a fake front in the presence of others will always win and get away with their misdeeds... because they are just good at that - acting and feigning innocence... 

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