Thursday, March 9, 2017

Affiliation school changes

And so they announced that  "From 2019, the 27 secondary schools in Singapore that offer their affiliated primary school students priority in the Secondary 1 posting exercise will have to reserve 20 per cent of their places for students with no affiliation to the school." (source :

Thank goodness I only have two girls with the older one currently in my alma mater, come 2019 - yup! It'll affect my last kid. I don't think she'll be that bad to be unable to get into the sister school right? My God! Seeing her P5 results is ... her HMT is .... I can vomit blood. If it continues this way, I really have to start worrying.  

Over the last two years, che-che told me more and more of the primary school kids came back to the secondary school. When she was in Sec 1 (in 2015), not many of the primary girls went to the secondary school. Their results were good enough to go elsewhere. Infact statistically their PSLE results in 2014 was really the best! They had 100% pass and their overall performance were definitely better than the next 2 years. Thus leading to the low COP of the secondary school. 

To divert a little, I used to wonder why the COP in our secondary school is so low compared to another two more IJs. That's coz we only have one affiliated primary school whereas the other two have two affiliated primary schools. So majority of the space would have been filled up by their own girls thus leaving little space left. 

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