Friday, March 31, 2017

Smells nice

A neighbour walked past my house as I was sweeping the balcony. He smiled, walked past and then re-traced his footsteps back to my house and asked me if I sprayed Lemongrass in the house coz it smells nice.  I cited that it is Citronella that I'm diffusing.
After he left, he got me thinking ... If he came from the direction from our rooms to the living area, he would have sniffed the Odour Control blend (rosemary, lemon and lavender) that I usually diffuse in the mornings as I clean the house. But is it that strong that he can actually smell it from the outside? If he can, I will not have the problem of ensuring my bathrooms smell nice constantly. 

I've embarked on this oily journey for a year now. Any regrets? No, not really. I do feel a little lighter after applying JOY on my wrist and sniff.

I've tried to turn into a holistical living but it's difficult especially if the man doesn't so believe in this and keeps buying chemical laden products from the supermarkets. I've listed out the things that I want to make for cleaning but ..... haven't got done to business. Sigh...........procrastinate procrastinate. 

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