Sunday, March 26, 2017

The type of fake parents

I love to warm up to friends, be the Mrs Congeniality. We were also all first-timer parents as our kids were the oldest in each family, so naturally we forge a friendship hoping to share experiences and learning process. But what puts me off over the years is the emergence of fake friends. 

Secret Detective
They are the parents who make use of me by digging up information where I send my kids to tuition, asked for contact number but don't even call - just claim it's for "just in case, I have another contact". But yet when I asked them where their kids go to, I'm suddenly and abruptly cut short of the conversation "don't have" and then talks about other things. I hate these people! And what happens after the girls are in different schools, they suddenly lost the contact. I know for sure they'll call or message when they need help. Ahhh..... I shall ignore these people.

Liar Liar 
Another group of parents, who keep claiming their kids are dumb. Number 1, I don't believe any kids are born dumb. Therefore I always tell them their kids are not dumb as what they claimed. Say they cannot study this and that; and do badly. If I were to complain that my kids are careless, they also complain their kids are very careless. If I complain that my kids are very careless, they complain their kids are very very careless. Totally uncalled for, because at the end of the day when they get their results. Wham! Superbly good results. What the %#@! they've been lying. 

There were occasions where I felt the girls were doing a touch n go on the syllabus. Don't ask me why, but it always seems like our girls are always behind time for this and that subject. At last minute the teachers would start begging the PE teachers for their time so that they can go through work with the girls. As usual, my work with the girls will also be behind time. And more often I'm left complaining that my girl hasn't finished revision for certain topic or subject, and these people will also say their kids haven't finished or ... haven't even started. ?? End of the day, when their kids get better results then they say they did revise. Damn! Why lie? If studied already, just say studied lah! 

Slowly and hurtfully, I know who these people are and will keep a distance from them. I know these are the people whom I can't trust or rely on them at all as friends coz they were only there to make use of the kind-hearted me. 

However, I'm also thankful for a handful of nice friends who are genuinely nice people. 

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