Thursday, March 9, 2017

Why the sudden U-turn

This blog was started in 2005 with the hope of penning down every moment of my boring life on an online diary, with some hidden agenda that this will be my Alzheimer's or some sort of "retrieval of my memory" treatment in the near future. 
With online danger lurking by exposing pictures of my family, I should have kept this in paper and pen. However knowing myself and my hubby, hubby will throw out things that don't belong to him heartlessly when he sees too much rubbish. I too don't like too much of a clutter, I believe I would have at some point of time choose to scan into the hard disk and throw the diary away (there goes my memory coz who would go through hard disk? That reminds me I had better remember to give my blog password and hard disks to my kids earlier should anything happen to me. At least they would have taken the time reading through the blogs; reminisce the photos I took of them in their ugly; sleeping and pretty time.)

My blog then was a relaxing point for me. While in the process I did not neglect my motherly, wifely, maidly and chauffeurly duties (no such words but you know what I mean) because I have the bad habit of writing, saving, editing an entry that sometimes it gets posted out late. As I speak, I have a few Drafts in here.

Subsequently, Facebook came along. I joined in 2009? Or was it 2008? And it was easier to post on Facebook as it was an App on the smart phone which made it so easy for me to vent my anger; share my joys and tears and shits. In recent time, I've suddenly realized (like a lost child who had walked  waywardly from religion) that Facebook is merely a place for people who wants Face Value. People are simply showing off, with their friends envying them putting them on pedestal. When their kids received awards, they post pictures without writing anything in it coz pictures paints a thousand words. Okay, I admit I also post entry of my girl winning awards but that would have been in my diary if I had resorted to paper n pen. Basically if you notice in Facebook, hardly anybody vents frustration as much as me, everybody lead such beautiful blessed life posting only the good things to show off when they bought a new bag;  received a coveted item as a present; while I lived a ...well my true life of ups and downs. Thus I decided to make a U-turn back and start writing back in here. I'll need to backtrack a lot of entries though as there were so many occasions when either girls made funny comments and I had written them down on Facebook. 
Facebook isn't that bad afterall, I've managed to link up with long lost friends; friends from overseas. What I like about Facebook is their "On this Day" app where prompts will be sent to you on your posts posted years ago on the same date. It's nice reading through what funny things had happened or silly things my girls do. 

They should have a Blogger app for ease of posting. Honestly, I have no idea who is reading this now but I'll be a little more hardworking. 

What I want to say is :
Sorry for the long intermission 

 I'm back 

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