Friday, March 10, 2017


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Memories : It's been 30 years since I took that road.
I used to think it was a steep slope when my quite old ah-cek (who has a gold tooth crown and always smiling, he never seem to be under any stress even though there were kids fighting/quarrelling behind ðŸ˜‚. How did he do it? I'd be under stress n fiery if the girls quarrelled behind me) would look ðŸ‘€ attentively to the front as he drove down the slope and I would pretend it was some kind of thrill ride,clutching to the seat infront of me. And when he drives up the slope, I was kinda worried his run down van would roll backwards as you could hear the "chuk chuck chuk" sound. 

Today, I drove down and prior to that was wondering how steep exactly it was. Do I have to step hard on the brakes? Was surprised, maybe coz when I was younger everything seemed big; steeper? 
I was so tempted to drive up Jln Khairuddin,another uphill where my primary school once stood. 
As I left the place, I told lil' one how I felt in the schoolbus when I was a little kid, younger than her current age. That was part of my childhood. 
Got me thinking ðŸ’­ ......which part of her childhood will she remember next time?

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