Friday, March 17, 2017

Damn cockroaches!

Damn it! In a span of only 1yr + living in this house, I've already seen 5 cockroaches in the house (more frequently once all the neighbours moved on) . Compared to seeing only 3-4 cockroaches in a span of 13years in our previous house.
Once, within one hour, I saw two cockroaches (big ones) crawling out from our drain. I have this mentality that when I see any pest in the house including housefly and ants, I'll make sure I kill it immediately. So they better not let me see them. Which infact, is also scarier for me, especially when I'm cleaning the house and I least expect it, the bugger jump onto me.    

Honestly, I'm wondering if it's worse it my neighbour's house. I don't think anyone is as hardworking as me to :
1) Diffuse the living room and yard area every night with Citronella
2) Drop Citronella or Thieves essential oil into the toilet drains
3) Spray insecticide in chute area every night. Including air dumping it for 5 seconds
4) Spray the yard perimeter. Ehh.... only from the bottom coz I would think that cockroaches are more likely to climb up from the ground level to my house. OMG! I hope my neighbours upstairs don't have any infestation, they can also crawl downwards right? But how am I going to spray insecticide? Unless I want to go blind for spraying it upwards.
5) Recently, I've dropped Citronella onto cotton pads and put them around what I deem as strategic points - our rooms. Just in case we get a night creepy crawlie into the room. 
6) Diffuse nightly in girls' room either Cedarwood or Thieves if there's intruder alert. Sometimes as much as I'd like to stake out with a blaster and KILL ON SIGHT, I can't do it coz' though I may be impatient, I can't stay out that long idling and doing nothing but to look left, right, up, down.  So the only best thing is to hope I'll see it on sight again in the day time and kill it. Coz more likely it'll come with sound effects - my screaming (as I fight with that small but yet horrendous pest). Not so nice to scream in the night right? Scare the neighbours.
7) Tape up the drain cover in the yard area. Occasionally I'll see small roaches; earwigs stuck on the tape. if only....if only I could.... I'd love to tape up all the drain covers in the house. 
8) When  on long holiday, I'll seal up the chute gaps as well. 
Haha!  I don't think anyone is as extreme as me. Well.....what to do? We're on the first floor. 

I really hope all the cockroaches will be extinct soon. Really! That will be a welcoming news to the world.    

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