Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"Sorry girl, you gotta learn it the hard way."

And I totally agree and applaud with what the school is doing. Infact, I don't need the school to tell me what to do with my kids coz I have the mentality of giving and bringing up my girls in military disciplinary style.

I've never sent anything to the girls' schools before. I'd rather let my girls get the scolding from teachers. There were a few occasion when lil' one was in P2 or 3, she did her school homework but she didn't pack them into her bag coz it was hidden under her pile of additional work she did at home. I knew - coz I was tidying up her table the morning after they were in school. It was placed neatly on her table n she knew she was in trouble not only with teacher earlier in the day but she is going to have another hell nagging session from me (I think more with me coz teachers tend to be lenient). Well, she learnt her lesson after that. 

Having said that,I don't carry their schoolbags for them unless I'm rushing for time n their heavy shell is pulling them back. I don't take pity on lil' one though she's small size and she choose to carry the whole bookshelf with her. They ever complained before when they were younger but my reply to them is always very harsh. "You didn't pack your schoolbag, it's your problem." They will just carry it n not grouch anymore.
They just have to take responsibility.

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