Saturday, October 2, 2010

Her prize

The kids were whisked off to GeniusRUs @ City Square Mall. Mei-mei received a voucher for"showing her face" in Singapore Child magazine this month.
Suppose to be for mei-mei.... in the end treated che-che to it too. Turned out, they have a Children's Day Party. Kids kept in suspense ... the celebration came a little late coz' I did not have time to bring them out on Friday except when I brought mei-mei for her music lesson.
Che-che was happier as compared to mei-mei(think che-che likes to bake - inherit my genes) when she asked if she was going to bake. Mei-mei's reaction? "Bake?? Again? In Maxine birthday? I want to make cookie."

The kids before the baking class commences, donning their aprons
Kids went in, che-che obediently sat down. Mei-mei kept running about; jumping up/down to see the ingredients. (contrast in their personality)

When the class started, I could hear mei-mei's voice. I heard her rattling off the colours of the rainbow to the co-ordinator. Co-ord talks; she also must add in something. Sigh.........can somebody console me that this won't happen when she goes into Primary school - otherwise I'll start receiving phonecalls everyday from her teacher.

I left about 10 minutes later coz' no photography allowed and it's going to be superbly boring staring through the glass panel. Came back 45 minutes later to see a messy girl who kept going to wash her hands. (clean freak!) She wasn't really doing much, che-che was doing the main job. (of course I have che-che complaining to me later about her naughty mei-mei dipping fingers into batter; not whisking properly etc..)
They were served some snacks and continued with spreading of whipped cream. The rolling was done by the 2 co-ords. Kids running about; going for toilet break. It's no joke! I see myself as those co-ords - always trying to pick up pieces after the kids.

The kids then played games - which my lil' girl got KICKED OUT FIRST AGAIN!!!! It's the Freeze game. When all kids freeze, co-ord tell them "cannot move huh..." that chatty girl had to comment "I never move! I never move!" Move already right? She finds it funny and start to stick out tongue and then freeze. ?!?! But she's out already!! They played the games a few times and this is what she did. When the co-ord tried to taunt the kids to move eg."ay.. look below. There's something on your toes." Some kids will move, some don't. Co-ord will comment "don't move." I still hear that lil' girl "I never move! I never move!" Comedy lah! If you stay with us for a night, I tell you you'll be tickled pink by this hilarious girl.

Pinata time! Kids whacked except my lil' chilli padi. Wah... suddenly so scared. Refused to do it but she picked up alot of sweets after that. I'm pleased to see how the kids in this class behaved. One girl didn't pick sweets (youngest there - 3yrs old), the rests took theirs and gave her some. My kids did the same too. Well done! Mummy's so proud of you girls!!

The kids with their goodies. Goodie pack somemore!
Worn out and hungry, we stopped by at Macs for lunch.
The cake.
Mei-mei & her goodies.

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