Friday, April 23, 2010

Yaks and yaks

Home Leave
Home leave's from 17th May to 21st June. Sorry she can't have that full month of June off, explained to her. She's understanding said that I've tried my best and even being considerate of her. Yah! If I'm not busy I wouldn't have hired her!
With her home leave date set, I've purchased her air tickets yesterday. She'll have to settle her income tax thing herself, have to grant her an off day on one of the weekdays.

Whether I survive or not during that one month - I dunno. I will still end up blogging and complain I don't have time (?!?!?!)

Class cancelled
Didn't get enough students to start a class, che-che's dance class (starting this Sunday) is cancelled. She's sad, want to find alternative but will probably leave it until her exams are over

Chance meeting
Bumped into an ex-colleague in the morning. I haven't seen him for 8 years? Wow! Coincidently his youngest daughter is in the same school as che-che (older than che-che).

Music lesson
Mei-mei's 1st music lesson with Yamaha. But Teacher P's still not back from her trip - got stuck in Europe. Apparently che-che also had a relief teacher on Wednesday. Perhaps she's having instant noodles in the airport?
Considered she did well for her 1st lesson. Did seem blur coz' had to do actions etc... which needs familiarizing.

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