Thursday, April 15, 2010

House Matters - tired!!

Cabinets will be ripped off on 26th, installed on 27th to 28th April
Painter coming in on 3rd to 5th May

Suppose to end everything by 30th May according to geomancer but I'm completing everything fast so that I have ample time to re-pack/organise rooms + pack for holiday.

On Monday, I started to pack in some stuffs into one box. Only things from their room needs to be moved out. Do you know how many boxes I needed? I didn't have to pack in mei-mei's flashcards which is in the top cabinets and we're not touching that. (thank God!) Anyway, all the children's assessment books + book materials + hands on materials for Maths and English blah blah blah. I needed 3 boxes!! To think that I tell people we don't have much things in our house. Packing up their room alone almost killed me!!
Okay, there's still their toys in the other room. Must find a place to put them outside while contractors install the cabinets in.

Problems not really resolved. I have a small box which is in my living area (coz' no study area) for mei-mei's daily home session. I need to move those things into their study room. Now trying to make space in cabinets. I'm so tempted to sell away the flashcards. I told mei-mei and she gave me the pathetic look "But why mummy? I want frashcards." "Mummy needs to make room for some space in our cabinet." "Oh! So mummy you print new cards for me??" Sigh! She really loves flashcards, feel bad but .. space constraints.

With 3 boxes out in the living room. Some stuffs removed to be given to Salvation Army and left in the lobby area to be cleared by me the next morning. Dining seat cushions tied up ready to sent out for re-upholstery next day. (Dad told me it's in Joo Chiat Rd, near mei-mei's school.) Dining chairs stacked up waiting for dad to help with the colour-spraying. Plastic stools taken out. Wah.........whole place in a mess!

Can't wait for everything to be completed. I only worry about che-che being distracted while works are being carried out. Or the noise from all the drilling etc... I might need to bring her down to void deck to do her work then. Exams period! So cham leh!

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