Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yesterday, that girl looked sad when I picked her up from school. Asked what happened and was told by teacher she fell in class.

Related to me that my girl had tripped on a child's outstretch arm on the floor. She fell on top of a boy; bursts out crying "I want mummy....I want mummy".Kena crushed boy was looking at her at waiting for her to move away. (prob wondering what's the big fuss since he's the one cushioning her fall). LOL. Must be a funny scene.

That's the thing about being the youngest in the family. Can 'yang-or' (in dialect); do a fake cry or simply shout "mummy... daddy". Surely someone will rescue them. Ahem ahem.... that's why my sister hates me when we were younger.

Today, teacher was telling me about lil' girl's response in class. She was teaching her something about snails. Lil' girl tells her "My mummy teach me at home already.. Can I play?" Runs off. Then sometimes when doing worksheets, she'd say "my mummy say I no need to do. Can I play?" LOL
Smiley Pretty amused to see that she can lie when she's not even 4. She lies her way through to get over schoolwork. When I related this to KZ, her remark was "Ai yoh... this girl very smart leh. So small already know how to pretend. Mum, you remember at 4 months she pretend to vomit and spit out food? I tell everyone this, they say she very clever, other children I see all gong-gong; never think to do this action."
I told teacher I didn't teach her anything about snails. But then much later back at home I recalled reading a book to her about snails. And she does pick up that book on her own from the shelf to read too.
Back in the car, I asked her "What is school for?" "Yes, I know. I go school to study." "So, why did you lie to teacher? *Giggles* See lah! I forsee problem in primary school next time. She rebels teacher; don't pay attention in class; clown around. Just like one of che-che's classmate aka good friend. Very naughty but that girl is really smart; can talk very well. KZ said, lil' girl might be worse than her. Sigh....I hope not.

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