Friday, April 9, 2010

LW workshop

I should think this is my last workshop for the year. Though the workshops are on Fridays, I'd be so tired that I feel like sleeping in the workshop. Of course che-che would be so pleased to join me; thinking that she'd have the time to gaigai.

She told me she enjoyed today's session with the teacher who was coincidentally in her school the other day; with her Speech & Drama teacher. She was so proud that she "went to my school, not the other children's school." Hahaha!
We could hear the children laughing and having fun in the other room. Meanwhile I tried hard to keep myself awake. I think this is the most interesting workshop I've attended so far.

Teabreak. The kids were in there blowing out the candles. Che-che was elated with the chocolate cake in her hand. Yah! That's what she enjoys when she's out with me - eating!

Happy Birthday to LWSC
I brought her to Bakerzin for another slice of cake. Time spent with her alone...

She tells me she loves it when I spend time with her alone without mei-mei coz' half the time I'd be running after that hyperactive kid and not paying any attention to her.
Sigh........what to say when I hear this from the horse mouth? Sad lor! Makes me feel as if I've failed as a mother like that.
The kids get to sleep with me tonight, all on the same bed. Hubby's not in SIN so I'll cuddle up to the 2 kids.

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