Thursday, April 8, 2010

Haven't been blogging

Been too busy (with I dunno what) to blog. Basically the weeks were rather boring, nothing interesting happening in my life. Wonder when.... maybe when I'm a grandmother?

This must be my relaxing week so far, though the school term has only commenced . I simply didn't have the mood to do anything.
I brought the kids out after school. A gf who reads my blog, saw that I was ranting about the things I was eyeing on for the kids' room, told me that those items are available in Better Toy Store. I thought today's a good opportunity to go down with the kids. I told che-che that I'm bringing her to Orchard, she was happy then asked about what she was to have for lunch. Then she asked to eat in her favourite Sakae, which I have no idea where I can find it in town. Told her, can only think of PParade. She told me "okay, I dowan go town. I want to go PP." I made that right turn towards PP and that girl decided not to go when I was nearing the turn into the carpark. ARGH! On ECP, changed her mind again about going back to Sakae. By then I was quite frustrated with her fickleminded-ness and thought better not to bring them with me too when I need to shop. I remembered seeing an outlet in Suntec, so headed there. She was happy and ... as we walked out from the carpark towards Sakae. We passed by Macs and she told me "mummy I want to eat in MacDonalds." Ai yoh! Keep changing her mind.
Mei-mei don't fancy fastfood and I was very 'jerlat' with fastfood since we had it 2 evenings ago. The only person who enjoyed it was che-che. Mei-mei kept me and soon people around us entertained. Was dancing and swaying to the music. (very hiao when she did that) giggling along all the time. I give up on that girl, can't seem to keep still.
One big mistake on my part, I forgot to pack a dress for che-che. She was in her school uniform the whole time. Which means she had to try to be in her best behaviour but she couldn't. Like one gila girl jumping around; laughing loudly etc.. *mummy's embarrassed*

Brought the kids out to Ikea. They haven't been there for a long time, che-che hasn't been to the playground for 2 years. And she's already close to the mark. *gasp* She has grown so much!!
Without a doubt, sent her in. But she was miserable; complaint that she couldn't play coz' she had to take care of mei-mei. Felt so bad, thought I should compensate her another time with her going in alone.

Mei-mei is so excited, can see the BIG smile on her face??

Mei-mei is even more happy today. Hubby bought her a training bicycle. She looks really small for her bicycle (the previous plastic was so small and short). Not used to seeing her and she looks so mature suddenly. Thought she couldn't cycle on this bigger one but she proved us otherwise.

Mei-mei happily cycled around the house. The moment she woke up, she'd ride the bike, the moment she wants to sleep she demands to bring the bike into the room; next to her cot. Sigh.....
Weekends are the time I'd sleep in later, this morning her constant 'ringing the bike bell' woke me up.
In the afternoon, she was cycling again. Hubby asked her,"Aricia, do you know how to stop (brake) the bicycle?" She nodded her head and demonstrated to us. paddle slower and then stop paddling - but bike still in motion.

Che-che's long day in school. Asked KZ to help me pick mei-mei up from school. I'll not have this luxury when KZ leaves in end-June. Took the opportunity to shop in town. Yup! Better Toy Store did carry those things I want, but had to order some. I did some calculations, if I airfreight them they'll cost a lot more than what I'll pay in SIN. Downside? I'll have to wait for their shipment to arrive in June. I didn't get the I wanted. Too costly. It's a good thing the kids weren't with me, I spent more than an hour in that shop wanting to buy everything - coz' it's really cute! And imagine the kids screaming "mummy, I want this; mummy I want that" would make rejection more difficult. I kept everything to the minimum.

Very satisfied! If shopping makes me happy; seeing the bill at the end of the month won't!

I saw the much talked about Sakura in Takashimaya. I've seen better ones so those wiltered ones didn't deserve me to whip up my camera. But oh well... can't blame with our weather and all.

Made appointment with contractor to do measurements etc.. Getting a quotation from him. More or less confirmed I'll get him to do the job in my house but just needed some quote to see if I should erect certain things up or simply buy from Ikea.

I only managed to pack some Easter goodies for the children. I'd really like to bake something for them, had things in my mind. I think I'm already too busy to do these 'unnecessary stuffs'. Che-che was disappointed. Kept complaining that I haven't baked them anything for "a hundred years". Woah! If only I can live that long!!
She told me too, the chocolates melted. Although I only removed them from the fridge this morning, I can't help it if the warm weather destroys. I do feel bad.... you know I only meant to give a nice presentable gift not a melty one.

Spent time in che-che's school for Contact Time with the other PVs. They demonstrated "Laksa Goreng" and a dessert. The domestic side of me hasn't sunk in, still prefer baking to cooking. The reason why I was there was to have that time with PVs. I can't be a bitch at all. Said I didn't want to know any mummies from her school but I still did. Had a time to chat with K too, haven't seen her since school started this year.

1st April
Called for Nippon paint to come over for consultation. I had wanted to help hubby save some money by calling those odd-job painters to paint our house. I thought we don't need Nippon to come over since it's only painting job, moreover the people who painted our house did quite a good job what. Told him those costs $500-700, Nippon costs $1500-1600. At first he agreed then after I told him to help me call them, he said "ai yah... never mind. You go and call Nippon." Ai yoh! Save the money and buy something for the wife lah!!
Nippon guy said, "you didn't use us the last time right?" Eh.... yah like what am I suppose to say that I also didn't want to use you this time round too? The best excuse was "I was pregnant at that time, so I left everything to the designer." Heehee! This is called 'puuuuhing the responsibility'. Jobs were not done properly. They simply plaster the wall and painted over, why the paints crack is coz' of that. And I thought it was the humidity and whatever nots. Okay, he can say anything he wants coz' they didn't do the previous job.

Colours selected, dates booked tentatively. He suggested that we rip; put up new cabinets then they'll paint. I thought they'd let us rip; paint; put up cabinets; touch up. Have to pay transport fee for touch ups unless we do it ourselves. Huh? I expect a little more from a big company you know! Time to pack up the childrens' books. Had to keep some outside on our dining table - coz' it's nearing to che-che's exams.

Goodies for Shichida classmates

Brought kids to Suntec for Starhub Road Show. Purpose was to let the children see Dora.


Games segment: mei-mei was brave enough to go up to play a simple game. Spin the wheel and match the colour. Easy peesy! She was happy with her prize. Oh yes! The kids brought out their bagpack - sewn by mummy.
Then it was the photo-taking session. Mei-mei was jumping excitedly when they came out; pointing and shouting at them. But.... confirm my lil' girl scared of all these. So next time can only bring her for show, can't do Meet & Greet.

Idled while I checked out their iPhone plan. Kids were offered cupcakes
Dinner time - too full over the huge lunch we had. We stopped by at Superlicious. Mei-mei loves corn so was glad that they do serve chicken & corn soup

Mei-mei was far too talkative. I thought I was naggy. This girl is CHAMPION!! Yak yak yak.... hubby and me buay tahan.
She wanted to start with the Easter egg hunt (did in the night) asap. But we gave her the condition to sit down quietly for the next 10 mins. Hubby made her sit and try to meditate. So comical!
Ai yah! Not even 5 mins she started yakking again.
In this collage - top half last pic -she gave me a funny look when she knew I brought out the camera to take photo of her.
"Okay mummy daddy, I put my finger on my lip."
Ready. Get set. Go!

Surprise gift. But they had to dance for us first. The Wonder Girls' Nobody.
Solo dance

The gifts from BABW
Che-che MC. didn't bring mei-mei to school either
Brought kids to mom's place and mei-mei got pushed down by Iggy. Argh! That boy keep bullying my girl leh!

Nice of cheche's Maths teacher to try to go thru a new topic with her individually. Che-che diplomatically told her,"I learnt this at home yesterday too! I know already." Why some friends say I kill her learning experience by introducing it so fast to her and then she gets bored at school. Should leave everything to school. Actually she's a fast learner, I only explain once and she knows. I thought just give her introduction, but she proves to me that she can do beyond. So immediately I give her the books with challenging sums lor! But what makes me frustrated is her stupid carelessness. Copy also can copy wrongly when she has the correct answer in her sum or when she correctly adds the sum but she wrote '-'.

E-Learning from home. Mei-mei pontang school again. Can't make the distance to/fro & then have little time in between to supervise che-che in her E-Learning.
Alot of mixed feelings. Chose East Coast so that it's easier for me to bring them together to/from school. Though che-che don't fall sick that often to warrant an MC, those few days of inconvenience shouldn't be a problem. But U know, I'd want to optimise the time I have to do some work with them.
Can't wait for study room to be ready. Yay! But I do forsee another problem. Distracted!

Painting jobs done at our cluster. Blocks looks fresher now.

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