Saturday, April 10, 2010


Signs of this mummy being quite laid-back.

Friends usually squeeze their children's enrichment classes on weekends back to back. I won't lor... though I am sadist over her results and overwhelming her with work - I wouldn't do it.

Just this morning alone, I bump into 2 of che-che's friends in Eastpoint - where the education hub is in the East. And another 1 - a PV in che-che's school who's daughter is in class at that time we bump into her.
What did we say when we meet? "Oh! you're here for class? What class?"
Me : No... you?
Friends : Yah, she's here for XXXX class. Athena?
Me : Ehhh......she's here for ear candling.
Friends : Huh? What's that?
Me : (explains) Not for class but to be a tai-tai. Haha!

Has that remark or sight from 3 people I know made me gear up to put her in more classes? Nope, not yet. I weigh what is necessary. Think it's ridiculous to put child in every classes.
Actually, one conversation between gf on Wednesday made me calculate the children's monthly enrichment classes expenditure. (I've never made any calculations based on per month, usually go by term)
Calculations : Che-che's 3 classes = less than $450 per month (my gf's $500+, but she has many classes)
Mei-mei's 2 classes = $340 per month. Oh yes, added a new one - music class this month which is approx $80??
Total up the sum, it only takes up a very small % of hubby's pay. Haven't been a helpful wife huh? Should have help him spend more. Siao eh.............and then I get myself stressed up; screaming at kids. I could have joined in the league of those mummies who simply pay and leave everything to the teachers. Or at least I should demand to be paid!!!

Anyway, I'm going to sign her up for one additional CC class. Cheap leh! $60 for Passion Card holder. Cha Cha Dance for Kids in Punggol CC. At first she didn't want, I had to coax her. She loves to dance; always sway her body like hiao charboh like that. So I thought putting her in this class might give her the exposure first.
Meanwhile, I'd rather be the slave driver. Si bei pai mia (hokkien)

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