Thursday, April 29, 2010

House Matters - Part I

Days before boxes placed outside our living/dining area. Our dining table's gone. Dad brought it to help me re-spray the legs etc.. Pathetic ! The days that follows - we actually sat on the floor eating at the coffee table.
Our house was really beyond recognition! Really messy!

Removed mei-mei's baby cot on 25th. Served us well for coming 8 years. Ehh.... teeth marks + the railings spoilt all thanks to che-che, but got it replaced before mei-mei slept in it. I'm so sentimental.

Look at this crumpled piece of wall frieze. Mei-mei likes to stand up (whether she's going to sleep or just woke up) and point at every letters and make the phonics sound. Told her I'm going to throw this away, she frowned.

26th April
Cabinets ripped apart in the morning. I thought it was going to take a long time to rip apart, since it took them that long to fix it up 3-4 years ago. (Didn't send mei-mei to school so that I don't have to leave house in between to pick her up; come home and then leave house again at 3pm to pick che-che up.) It only took them less than an hour!
I thought I could have some time alone with mei-mei, do home-session + whatever nots. Alas! End up cleaning up the mess, going down on my knees (Cinderella) to clean the floor with a rag. Yes! That made the floor even cleaner than the usual mopping and can really pick up small bits.

Since I had some time, decided to go down to re-select the roman blind material for the children's room. The material I had selected is cute for kids but too childish lor! Ehh... the study room is almost similiar colour so heck care. Our room's purple and can match the current beige colour. Kids pink can't match the blue!! Okay, okay excuses excuses.

Afternoon : Room very clean; kids happy. Never had such big space in their room before. Plus echo.. they were running and shouting to hear their own echos.

Can't wait till tomorrow, so that I can quickly clear the boxes. But then it also means I'll be so busy tomorrow & the next few days.

27th April
The moment I came back home after dropping them in school, I was busy covering up beds, piano, organ. No time for breakfast until they came.

Noisy! Messy! Dusty!

Left and we came back at 2pm. Still noisy; messy; dusty and this time - foul mood!
1) they tell me it's not dirty to re-do the veneer thing in our master bedroom. So I didn't bother to cover much things. I will still clean up coz' dust particles fly about but it won't be that much to clean. Then they were sanding. Argh! My printer!! 2) Un-cooperative kids think it's fun trying to get in the way. I tell them to come out they run in again. I know it's really distracting and I've no where to go. I think I was a pain-in-the-neck too. Kept stressing to them to leave me one room asap. The minimal work to be done was their bedroom.
Guess what! It's E-Learn Day. @#$%!! The desktop has been plugged out to do some vernishing on our table top. I usually had problems logging in in my lappie into that page. Heng ah! No problem today siah! Hurried her to finish her work asap. Her Listening Comprehension SA is tomorrow. I've done some with her for the past 2 weeks, today did a few more. Then asked her to do some work for me. Hmm.... she do her work then pretend run out of room distracted. Sigh! Ok lah, think she's done enough work for today. I need to help clean up house also.

Work was completed around 5+. Shucks! Cleaned the house, floor so many times, changed my bedsheets (again), put in the children's bedsheets. Cleaned again until I was satisfied.

Che-che's swing and mei-mei's fairies

The kids slept in their room with beds joined. They rolled towards one another, almost kissing each other. So heart warming to see such sight.

Unpacked a little things into their room. Can't stand the sight! First packed in some of their books - can't complete tonight coz' have another big stack in another box.

Had a nice scrubby shower and slept like a baby myself at 9+. Too tired to do anything after that.

28th April
Mirror's getting fixed up. Wanted a full piece mirror but they can't do it (tell me last minute can't fit in lift; can't carry up so many floors) so had to cut into half.
Unpacked some stuffs while waiting for them to come by.

They came and they went. Did the wrong measurement so had to come back the next morning to fix it up. The piano and organ had been moved to the middle of the living/dining room walkway and had to be remained this way. Another horrible sight.

No choice but to continue unpacking. 1 1/2 box done. It's like bringing the stuffs in from the box outside; mess inside the room instead and no more box outside. Had to do some re-organising. Time slips by so quickly, left to pick kids up. Came back to continue a little more. Left house again to bring che-che for her classes.

Che-che's excited to use the study room. The kids had been asking me for updates on their rooms eg. what I've done. "Is the castle up yet?" WHEN DID I EVER PROMISE THEM A CASTLE!! The room looks neater than this photo in the night. Packed from 10+ to 1+am. Asked KZ to sleep in their room for another day, hopefully by tomorrow she'll be able to sleep inside.

29th April
Finally mirror's up! Happy - only to be told to leave the wooden planks till the next night. Huh? Gotta go through the Labyrinth for the second night. Me think it's eyesore, hubby thinks it's eyesore. Kids love it coz' they go around in maze (and I'm so bloody worried if they'd trip and hit their head somewhere)

Night time - finally their room been packed but the tops are still a little messy. I had to pin some things on the wall which I can't do it until the room is painted. Endure for another week.

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