Saturday, April 10, 2010

KZ's >>>>

staying! Always the fickle-mindedness on her part. Say dowan to stay; mother miss her etc.... then today asked her final time. She asked if I can give her every Sunday off 1-7pm, so that she can go to church and do some volunteer work as well. I granted her coz' can trust her. Well.........if she did lie to me, she's not only lying to me but to GOD too. Why do I say can trust her?

She's been with us for coming 4 years liao. She's not that bad; good attitude. Of course you know they do get lazy after some time but she still get my work done for me. And she's never gone to church that regular even though I grant her off day once a month. And when she goes church, she's not like some helpers I hear of. She still do some housework before she goes off at 1pm, comes back before 8pm.
If she choose to lie to me, she will feel guilty lor... I have a clear conscience, I don't ill-treat my helper so that will make her think twice about lying to me.

Hire for another 2-4 more years then I think we should go helper-less. I will be a slave then! So, with her staying makes my job easier coz' I don't have to re-train. Also don't have to send over to mom's place for cooking lessons. She's familiar with how things work around the house, plus if I need to sneak in a timeout for myself, I can trust her to pick up mei-mei from school.

Now the only problem is :- her work permit expires end June. Will grant her a month home leave when we're travelling, so I only need to survive the next 3 weeks without her during the school holidays. Now problem is, how to renew her work permit in time? Argh!

Hmm..... hubby was intent in not getting a helper once she leaves. Though I kept insisting I need one since the kids are still young, and I am rather hands-on with them in their work. Where am I going to find time to tidy up the house if they keep messing it up for me? Then knowing me, I hate to see mess.. will end up cleaning the house instead of concentrating in their work.
Will break the news to him later when he comes back.

11: 45 PM
Told hubby. He was pleased. So he also wants familiar person working for us again. Say grant her one month leave - like I dunno like that.
Hmm..........the mind boggling thing always leave to me. Now I gotta think think think how to get her work permit done.

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