Saturday, April 17, 2010

Surprise thing he did

Hubby is usually busy with his study and work on weekends that he don't spend time alone with them - except when we're dining out or doing grocery-shopping.

So he surprised me when for the past 2 weekends (11th, 17th), he brought them down to cycle. Think coz' he hasn't seen them much lately with his constant travelling and feel bad ??

His remark? "Wah... that lil' girl can cycle non-stop leh! Athena cycle awhile only asks to rest. Aricia never stop.. I'm so tired and she's not." Haha! Aricia really hyperactive siah! That's why bringing her out alone with me always exhausts me. Though I must admit, she can be obedient and let you hold her hand. Che-che was definitely more well-behaved than her when she was younger.
Today, I followed them down. And then I realised che-che is relying too much on the training wheels. She tends to slant to one side while body in the other direction. Can't really balance. Aiyoh! Don't say her lah! This mummy cannot cycle for nuts!!

Went back home, rested awhile before taking a shower. The whole family of 4 in one cramped toilet. He showered them while I sat there waiting to dry mei-mei. This is what I call family. Really that's what we're missing out in this family. Hubby too busy with his work + study (sometimes I feel like throwing his Blackberry in the toiletbowl). I'm busy with the kids in the daytime.

Well, let's hope he make it a weekly thing for the kids.

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