Saturday, April 24, 2010

Magic Garden

Brought mei-mei to the Magic Garden at the Esplanade. I spent a wonderful time with her alone. Che-che was angry for not granted a "share" in this. Too bad! It's for 2-4 yrs old, she's too old for it. And am afraid mei-mei might get too "playful" instead of paying attention to what's going on.
Must be wondering why I brought her for a play when I'm more into music. Well, her school had wanted to bring the kids but tickets were insufficient for the whole school. So I thought why don't I give it a try by bringing her myself. I'm so lucky to have been able to get a ticket so last minute. Then I remembered one of her classmate was also going.
We went into the Recital Room a few minutes before the show starts (actually was walking around Esplanade with her) and played cheat when her classmate mummy had some space for her to sit in the front. Hee!
That girl is so funny, curious, playing with leaves on the floor. Then in her classic yakking which leaves strangers baffled/irritated - whatever! She started yakking "It's coming, It's coming already........." so many times that the girl sitting next to her turned around to ask her daddy "Daddy, what is coming?" Her daddy turned to look at me, I bursts out laughing. "It's my girl in her usual narrating habit." (watch one Barbie show, she keeps saying "Ay, Barbie come out. Ay, Barbie go in etc..." One helper sitting next to her got quite irritated. Watch her sister's concert, "Open (curtain) again. Ay! Close again. Open again." According to KZ, the Vice Principal and Principal turned to look at her and smiled.
She was laughing, giggling (So Aricia-style), singing and jumping & jumping trying to reach for the butterfly.
Like all other children, I realise, she collects rubbish. Sigh........... Kept asking me "mummy, where's my rain? (strips of white papers)"
Went outside, had photos taken with her classmate, C. Parted ways, lil' girl was little sad. Went to Ichiban Boshi to have my late lunch at 3+.
I really had fun with her, perhaps I should start designating a day each for each child and of course a day for hubby too.

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