Friday, February 17, 2006


Today, - I finally decided to put down in my blog this news.
I'm pregnant with my Number 2. I had known my pregnancy about 2 days before CNY but had chose to keep this in secrecy until now.
I should be 7 weeks pregnant, I need to calculate again.
Today a visit to my gynae showed that my EDD is 4th Oct (3 days before mine) but it may be earlier cause I will go for Elective C-section (had Emer C-section the last time so might as well cut me again)
A diary was also set up for my baby No. 2 (whom my girl keeps insisting it's a boy. We shall see if she's correct okay?) at A link will be provided by the side of our blogs.

There is something which is so interesting which I must share. It is how I found out I was preggie.
You know the thing they say about children can sense is very true.
It was on 25th Jan night when I was playing with my little girl. She kindda out of the blue said this "mummy, where's baby baby?" " Yes, where's baby baby?" It was because of her I decided to run the pregnancy test. I saw two lines but one line was fainter than the other.. so my happiness was only felt when the gynae confirmed it days later.
PS: Can my dear readers tell me how your older child hint to you about your second or third child. I'd love to hear your stories>

And if her prompting me to run the test was not enough. You will find it hilarious if I told you she even know when was my ovulation date. ?!?! Amazing? I think it is. As usual I was playing with her on the bed, out of no reason she spouted "Mummy daddy have di di, mei mei tonight." It was like she's telling us "hey! It's time you two should jump into bed tonight and make baby."

Anyway that's history but I will tell her this story when she grows older.

How do I feel now? Hungry all the time. Eating & eating. Remember too I've been writing about how I've been very tired lately? I'm still feeling that, so I take afternoon naps; sleep early in the night; whine when I get up in the mornings. I'm trying to get as much rest as possible, although I'm so tempted to go shopping. Anyway, shopping is secondary.. will do that when I feel more energetic. Now I'm only hoping to get the nod from my gynae to start my exercise regime. I've put that on hold. Talking about exercise.. I didn't know and actually went for Bodycombat class. My poor children have been bopping up and down in my uterus when they were little embryos. With my daughter, I only knew of my pregnancy the day I ended my holiday in the US. And my poor little girl was also subjected to all the rides in Universal Studios!! Haha!

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Congrats! Happy for u!