Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cute little Amanda Lee

Today's Little Notes class is the funniest one so far.

Amanda, that cute girl, never fails to amuse me with what she says or complains to the teacher about her mummy. (once she complaint to teacher Peggy that her mother make the mask so tight for her). Today, she wasn't her usual self (probably over stimulated from her lack of sleep). She refused to sing or dance, Peggy asked her why isn't she singing and dancing. Her reply was "my tummy is too full.." I couldn't help but laugh at her. Throughout she didn't do much.

The best performance must always come at the finale right? It did!

When the children were singing the Goodbye Song, they were all seated on their stools quietly except for Amanda who was standing up/down the stool. The mummy was quite pissed off "Amanda Lee, sit down!" Anyway, that girl didn't listen. But just as they were coming to the end of the song ' goodbye everyone. See you again.' I noticed Amanda was a little dizzy and before I knew it she kindda had her head forward, she bent towards the floor and did a forward roll (all from the stool!!) That was the grand finale, perfect timing too! Come to think of it, it was really bad of me but I found it funny and was giggling. When she got up I kindda rub her head for her (guilty for laughing at her). Peggy couldn't help but laugh at her. And some time later the mummy also sat there; look at Amanda and started laughing.

Kids are just kids!

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