Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The eventful day of an orange balloon

Bought my girl an Orange balloon yesterday from the Party shop.
Funny, she actually remembered what happened the last time we were in Raffles City. She started yakking away "mummy you remember? You buy me purple balloon yesterday (er... she always use the wrong word)? You angry with Athena, then you buy me balloon?" When I asked her why was I angry with her, she said "mummy tell Athena don't open the toilet door. Athena open mummy beat my hand here (and pointed to her hand)" - Real cute lah!
Anyway, she wanted an orange coloured balloon this time so she was like showing off in the shopping centre to the other kids. Once she pulled the string and I stopped her in time.
When we got down from the carpark at our place, that girl was holding the plastic bag which I've tied the balloon to. She kindda pulled the string and the balloon flew away. She made a quick fuss about wanting her balloon back. Hubby being the tallest there was jumping up to grab hold but couldn't(Umm.. I better tell him to start exercising). One guy offered to help and though he was also taller than my hubby he also couldn't reach. To make it worse, the wind was like blowing the balloon here and there. Anyway, we thanked the guy for his help.
Girl kept turning to look at the balloon when hubby carried her away. She was really sad.
I couldn't bear to see her so sad but I told her "well, teach you a lesson next time don't pull the string."
Somehow the soft-side of me caved in. I was at home and saw the stick for hanging up bamboo poles. Went down hoping that the balloon is still there. It's there to one corner, maybe waiting for me to retrieve it back for my girl, coz' it can fly away when another gust of wind comes by. Strange as it is, the wind came but the balloon kept coming towards me. I extended the stick longer and tried to twirl the string around the hook. I failed in three attempts. Finally on my last attempt, I did it more slowly by twirling and stop and bring it against the wall; twirl and stop; twirl and stop - synchronising with the wind. I got hold of the balloon.
When I got back home, I gave the balloon to my girl. And she asked "mummy, you went downstairs to get my balloon for me?"It made her happy for awhile..and soon she started playing with something else
Was it worth the effort? I think so at least she did smile. But even if I did not get it back from her I think she would have forgotten all about it.
She brought the balloon to school today, told her to enjoy it while she can coz' when she gets home in the evening, it's going to drop on the floor.

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