Tuesday, February 21, 2006

After I dropped my girl in school, I went down to Mt E (silly me, forgot to check my medicine stock on my last visit on Friday) to get my stock. After which, I went to pass some time in Amara before collecting my girl's photo at 1.30pm.Here are some of my favourite pictures. More will be uploaded in her blog and the link on the side.
Anyway, was suppose to get myself a pair of flat shoes but ended up with 3 tops from Modern Maternity (and not forgetting a damage of $130!) I hope this is my first and last purchase as every mothers know that maternity wears are not cheap, also this is going to be my last pregnancy so I do not want to end up with more than what I need. Girl refused to come back home so I left for home at close to 8pm and fell asleep at 10pm. At that time hubby came back with some magazines- 8 Days, Family and i-zhou kan and he mumbled something about what promotion.. obviously I didn't understand him in my drowsy state. He repeated himself but all I did was to pout my lips for him to kiss me goodnight and I fell asleep. I couldn't hear what he was saying anyway.... shrugs:)

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