Thursday, February 9, 2006

Going through my girl's baby photos

Was looking for something yesterday from my girl's photos and just couldn't help but to put them in the blog. The last photo in walker was taken in May 03 (6months old)
Girl has got a huge collection of photos (the crazy mother keeps snapping pictures)


ros said...

Still remember visiting u at Mt E aft u had Athena. Now she is such a big girl already!

pigbylicious said...

wat to do? the mum so hiao! hee

Lily Ann said...

Ros : Yay, she was a small bb. I also scared to carry her at tt time.
She can be a dear at times.
pigbylicious : Snap & snap, paid so much $$ to develop photos. But they grow up real fast. Gotta take shots, thing is every piece is so nice (ahem.. good skills. Hee!) then end up developing alot.