Friday, February 3, 2006

If only..........................

I'd be happy of only everyday it takes me 10 minutes to get her ready for school.
Yesterday, I didn't let her attend school as she was coughing quite badly. Was trying to wake her up coz' I need to bring her to her PD first and I then to my appointment 2 hours later. At first she had no response when I told her "Athena mummy's bringing you to see doctor." Until when I changed my sentence "Athena mummy's bringing you to see doctor, then later we go gai-gai." Yup! 10 minutes is all I took to prepare her, usually she'll walk around the house making me chase after her.
She jumped up from bed and then was so cheerful. I could see her chirping away like the birds. In the car, she was chatting away and laughing.

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