Tuesday, October 26, 2010

With the ladies - 8th Oct

Spent the most wonderful time with these beautiful ladies who are friends I met in che-che's school (See! I can't be a mega bitch at all!!)

What was meant to be a birthday celebration for another mummy, turned out to be a duo celebration. Haha! And that's because I didn't tell anyone it was my birthday soon (when we were planning for it) as well. Imagine their big surprise when friends starting posting birthday wishes on my Facebook. I keep secrets especially when it involves with my age.

Anyway, if you're talking about who's good in keeping secrets... It's my big girl. She told me after the outing in the night that actually her best friend, M, had told her that they were going to celebrate my birthday as well. Whatever it is, they're mocking me being older (so they're not kind ladies afterall. Haha!)

We joined them later after mei-mei's music lesson. As I put it, "VIPs always come last." Haha!

Dinner's at Aston in T1. Asked the kids if they wanted to park in T1 or T3, che-che said "park in T1. We everytime park in T3, T2 so boring." No difference in carpark, not that we were going to stay in the carpark but oh well... since I asked and that's her reply..might as well listen to her.

The kids were seated together in one table, the mummies in another. Mei-mei was sitting with them but she ended up talking more than eating. In the end, she sat with me.

They played and I had no idea what they were playing or whether mei-mei behaved. A helper went out to look after her - the youngest girl there. Not exactly the youngest girl, there's another Baby. Ooh.... Baby Saby. My kids are always singing her song at home; in the car; in the shower.

Kids continued playing in T3. The SLIDE though opened for quite awhile, we never ventured there. If we were in T3, I didn't have the time to bring 2 rowdy kids on my own before picking hubby up.

We left for home at 11+pm. And hubby .... not worried about the wife but the kids called while I was on the way in TPE asked "do you know what time is it now?" I can sense how he'd react if years down the road we 3 ladies go clubbing together. He would scold me "you lao hiao huh? So late still don't bring your girls home. What kind of mother are you? Bad influence!"

Nonsense aside, these are the snapshot of the beautiful night with the beautiful ladies & girls.

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