Monday, October 25, 2010


Been busy lately. So many things that I need to blog, which I don't think I'm able to do it coz' it'll take some time. I don't think I'll do it later too coz' I don't have goode memory to speak of. Sigh.........

Meanwhile, it's busy busy busy. Exams period this week and early next week. I spent the extra 4 days of holiday trying hard to go through work with her. And her teachers gave tons of homework!! No joke! Helps if those parents don't get so involved with their kids, I am - so you sense my "not enough time" situation? I didn't have that much time either coz' from Weds onwards, both kids had their classes. So I only had that 2 hours with her on those days.
How well-prepared is she? She should be very well prepared to go on battlefield coz' my work with her is very consistent. She's finished the Top School's papers. I only left 1-2 piece of each subject for this week (dunno if should give her). And I gotta start praying that she won't be so careless. That girl is always losing marks due to carelessness. Copy can copy wrongly?!?! Transfer answer also transfer wrongly. Minus abit here; abit there = marks lost for no reason.

Still thinking if we should have a party for che-che this year. I already had a place in mind, just haven't done the booking yet. I'd love to give her one but.... unpleasant things always happen in her birthday parties which requires de-briefing from me. Unpleasant things caused not by guests but by HER! Last year, both hubby and myself were really mad with her. Mummies present were oblivious to whatever unpleasant scenrio she created. So, if she don't have one this year - it's not my fault!

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