Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween 2010 - 2

Mei-mei' insisted on wearing her costume on both days (Thurs & Fri) to school. Initially I had wanted her to give out her goodie bags to her school children on Thursday together with her good friend. But friend unfortunately fell sick for the week. I thought I could change her mind to wear for only a day but alas she's real headstrong.

28th Oct (Thurs)
Kept dragging the huge paperbag filled with goodies in the morning. Her eyes were red when I told her that goodie bags distribution was to be left for Friday. Since I had the pretzels I thought it'll be alright for her to give her friends a day earlier. That made her really happy. Nothing beats than seeing that small lil' girl smile.....
In the morning, all excited. long as my girl is happy and the school don't mind.

Lil' Pirate
In Shichida : 2nd round of giving out treats to her friends

29th Oct (Fri)
OMG! I forgot to print out Halloween template to prepare bento for girls. Argh!
What to prepare for them for a Halloween surprise? Hmm... I saw a pack of Oreos, stick tidbits and I have those mini M&Ms in my baking drawer. *ding*

TA-DA.... SPIDEY OREOS. Didn't prepare more coz' didn't want them to fall sick

Only for my kids. Wanted to prepare for che-che's friends but .... I know she'd complain bringing the boxes to school.
Jessie aka Aricia
Happy happy... gleefully carried the heavy bag for me

Next mission. I had some extra candies with me and finding ways to dispose them. Then I saw 2 mummies dressed up and went into te school. Gave me the idea. Went to the nearby petrol kiosk to get some packs of chocolates and made her give out the sweets

Witchy witch and ?? - witch?

Didn't want to jam up the walkway so we stood by the side. At first mei-mei hesistated and was looking for her che-che (the girls we hang out with). She didn't know the che-ches I meant were the girls in the school. When I finally told her, give all the che-ches here. Then she finally knew what she was suppose to do.
She enjoyed giving out the sweets but poor girl was over-towered by the big girls. At her height, she was looking at their waist. Hee!
That's all for today.

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