Thursday, October 14, 2010


Been on a bento frenzy lately, notice if I don't prepare bento for my kids I stop for quite some time. But if I start ..... I can't stop. No denying they're really pretty. It would help if my kids eat everything so I can put anything in their bento. But ......God has to give me challenging kids.

The girls in che-che's class were asked to pack snacks for their recess since the start of PSLE. It was definitely a good suggestion, afterall we do not want the kids to distract their seniors in their major exams. From what I heard, on the second day of PSLE the other classes did the same too.
I didn't prepare anything for her for the first 2 days. KZ gave her bread and biscuits and dunno what!

On 11th (Monday) I did this. Japanese rice with ballerina. Handmade wanton with fish paste & luncheon meat

On 12th, I packed for mei-mei too! She was so happy.. heard she was showing off to her friends. This is tiring! This is not cut by cookie cutter. It's cut by me slice by slice. 6 slices of bread + 3 slices of ham + 1 slice of cheese. *yawns* I cut the parts to be used as decoration as well. Working late early into 3+am . Woke up at 5+ to assemble everything. Hmmmm..... but very satisfying. I like to see pretty things. (so must migrate to Japan)

Tigger bread + chicken nuggets + blueberry snacks

Packed and ready to go. I want to find back the white furoshiki bag. Argh! Can't remember where I bought this from.
Took a break on 13th. Relying on 2 hours of sleep for 2 consecutive days without nap in the afternoon is too much for me. Ahem... that means I'm still young.
14th - This time prepared for che-che's friends as well. Mei-mei protested, said "U never prepare for my friends. Next time U must do it ok?" I stared at her. 16 bentos????!!!! I don't think I'll need my sleep at all!
Very simple - Bear breadroll with ham, cheese, egg. I cut the eyes, ears etc.. the day before so only needed to assemble the bread in the morning. It took me quite some time too! Hmm.. I'm still slow or maybe I should start re-organising my bento stuffs so that I can reach them out easily. Speaking of which, I need to really do that once exams are over. The stuffs get more and more and KZ's not helping to help me keep it organized. Sigh!
For che-che who don't eat cheese and strawberries.

For mei-mei - who loves cheese but hates fruits.
For che-che's friends. See lah! With strawberry it does make the bento look appetising! Each kid given Vitagen as well and bagged in a white paperbag.

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