Thursday, October 7, 2010

我 老了!

In celebration of me turning older and more grey hairs.

Hubby gave me a treat on Sunday (3rd) by treating us and family to seafood. He knows what I yearn for - chilli crab.

After a chilli crab and a black pepper crab, I had sore throat the next day. But I'm happy.. very easily satisfied

The next day, he bought a cake home after work. To celebrate before leaving for his trip the next day.
The kids kept bugging to cut the cake when we had just finished our dinner. After singing the birthday song (which was sung in a disarray and very funny), cutting and eating. Mei-mei asked me "mummy, where's my present?" I asked her what present and she's suppose to give me present. "where's my goodie bag?" I burst out laughing. Gave her an extra Children Day's goodie pack and she was so happy

Yums! Thank you 老公!


Lee said...

Happy Birthday!
I am an anonymous reader of your blog, and I enjoy reading abt your cuties :-)

Lily Ann said...

Thank you very much for coming into here.
And thank you too for your birthday wishes.