Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010 - 3

31st October rolled by so quickly. Very untimely that it coincided with che-che's exam. Well....I had no choice ... costumes have been purchased. Plus it might do some good for her to rest awhile right?

Mummy is equally excited as the kids. Mei-mei kept asking me "are we going now? are we going now?"
Finished revision with che-che at 3pm. The kids got ready at 3.45pm. I asked che-che to ask hubby if he'd like to join us (though I know the answer is "No" as he was trying to finish his assignment) She obediently went to daddy. Mei-mei heard and ran after her and went into the room. All we heard was her ever loud voice drowning che-che's voice "Daddy, you cannot go! You go I shoot you with a gun!" And that was barely 10 mins after we asked her "where's her gun cowgirl?" Funny!

Of course hubby disturbed her. Yes, I am going. Mei-mei say "but you have no pumpkin!" He took hers and gave her our small blue pail from the toilet . "Hey! it matched your outfit!!" She pouted her lips.

Presenting - Jessie, whom we all know coz' she wore her costume to school on Friday. And che-che's Cleopatra that was kept in suspense to all.

I bought them this goodie pack. Not sure what's inside exactly. Last check about 2 weeks before Halloween, supplies ran out. So I'm glad being kiasu helps.
Cleo and Jessie inspecting their loot
Kids. I like this Spiderman. So spontenous! He's a boy I bumped into in the street, when his mother asked him to go. I joked "climb the walls Spiderman!" He actually walked back and jumped and said "I can't!" I carried him "now try" "I can't, I really can't."

Need not say anymore, these pictures will tell you the fun we had.

Oh my!

Cute Harry Potter

Can't remember which house, mei-mei was so impatient that she ran into the house. At every house, after seeing what the host dropped inside her pumpkin, she's pick it up and smell. Bad habit!

Guess who we saw? Mr PotatoHead!! Mei-mei was so happy. And... during that 1hr+ we were there, we've seen 2 other Cleopatras but no ToyStory. And everyone kept calling her "Hello! Woody!" Duh! We corrected so many people. "She's Jessie!"
Mei-mei's afraid of the mummy. Funny! She should be afraid of her own mummy not that!

Happy kids going through their loot in KFC
Back at home. They posed this pic for me and then both showered and went to bed at 9.25pm.

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Mel said...

Gosh, ur kids always have sooo much fun at Halloween. I keep telling myself that *next* yr I'd do something, haha.