Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween 2010-1

Bought the kids their Halloween costume early this year. I didn't want to be limited to few choices of costume in Singapore. Since I was on a bulk purchasing mode for mei-mei's BD party months back, I shopped for their stuffs and goodie bags stuffs as well.

The problem about online purchase is that when you do another count on the number of children you suddenly realized that they're not enough. I thought 36 loot bags was sufficient but ooh... so wrong I forgot to count 2 groups of children. In the end had to do pack them differently.
These are the 36 goodie packs
Small packs for the rest of MMI. Initially didn't have the intention to pack coz' time-consuming. Thought just ask mei-mei to give one candy & one tattoo each child. But then I realised the tattoos weren't packed individually and worried that mei-mei would destroy the tattoos while distributing. So packed them up. More work but then they look more organised; nicer.
or this :
Kids in Lorna Whiston
This time I learnt my lesson. NO MORE CHOCOLATES!!! They melt in our terrible heat, makes it worst if you stock up beforehand and fridge them. The moment you take them out to pack, you'll realize that the chocolates melt faster. What went into their bags are candies and more candies.

But eventually I had no choice but to buy some last minute buys to pack for some last count.

Halloween snacks
Che-che complained that I didn't prepare for her classmates but I told her she had her fair share when she was in kindy. And nobody in their sanest mind (so I'm sane afterall!) would be packing up so many snacks as well apart from the countless goodie bags that was on my list.
So tempted to bake either cuppies or brownies for mei-mei's classmates but didn't do it in the end. It would take up alot of my precious time. Not at this crucial time when I'm battling against time.
Sourcing for ideas, I chanced up this idea. Cute? Pretzels dipped with chocolate. Easy to make though it did take some time to get 2 layers of chocolate on each stick.
Helps that my house seems to have a steady supply of favor bags (like running a shop like that), the bags finally came in handy. Hmm.... wonder if there were cobwebs on them when KZ took them out. Haha! That's the purpose right? Okay, don't worry they were all sealed up.
Printed more labels and pasted on each bag.
That's all that we've prepared. Time to re-charge and chiong on Sunday

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