Sunday, April 19, 2009

Green Tea Swiss Roll

Wanted to bake a cake for Aricia's birth-month celebration.

Chose the healthier Green Tea. Thought swiss roll must be easy since I did much better than my Home Econs teacher. I shouldn't have such high ego. Kekeke!
Turned out a major flop! Cake a little hard, had problem (obviously) rolling it and then ----- became this. 失败!失败! Must try again.
Green tea sandwich, anyone?

By then it was late, I was real tired to re-bake another cake + insufficient time to decorate. Hmm......shall bake for Athena next week. Poor mei-mei.

On the other hand, my bread turned out really well a few days ago. Notice the difference between the bottom pic & the top?? Coz' I forgot to "paint it with egg" and simply pop into the oven. Kekeke!

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