Saturday, April 11, 2009

Not enough, so paiseh

Ai yoh...never felt so paiseh as I did today.

I asked Athena who she gave the 5 treats to. I gave her 6 in total, 1 for her FT who has a young child. And then she told me "I gave all to Mdm XX, she gave every table 1. My first response was "why did you give it to her? There were only 3 eggs inside and there are 4-5 people in each table, it's not enough to go around the table." "I dunno mummy.."

But she did say, "I give my friends, then other friends come and ask me. How?" So I suggested that next time maybe I shan't include her classmate in for anything if I were to be fair. She kept quiet. So she probably did something a little right by passing it to her teacher and telling her one is for her. If I had anticipated what she'd do, I'll pack in more in each treat bag.

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