Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Haven't been writing

haven't been writing coz' I've been busy. Ehh.........since when I'm free anyway?

I'm getting so frustrated with #$%^ Starhub!! I've subscribed to another educational site and the page is not loaded properly. So whenever I can, I will have to go over to mom's place to use brother's computer to print out things - and it's loads of them.
It has been giving me too much problems, all those house calls don't seem to help. Of course I've heard of people telling me Starhub sucks, so I really kudos to myself for my patience & enduring all these nonsense.
I even have problem logging into the Athena's school hol's homework webpage. Guess that's like the ultimum for me.

The only worry is whether I can maintain my email address using a different server. I have almost everything linked to email, worst than moving house where you start updating your mailing address for whatever nots.
Anyway, I can't seem to check my emails via my Outlook Express (must ask my English teacher cum Computer expert cum kick me down the stairs sister for help - haha! Must always raise this up coz' my sister owes me alot for making me a little mentally retarded. Hee!) and have been logging into imail to retrieve email so I suppose I'm still able to maintain my email address????

3rd April - Friday
I asked KZ to help me bring Aricia home this day. I like the arrangement coz' I managed to print a whole lot of things at mom's place without any interruptions - leaving house halfway to pick Aricia up and then shuttling to and fro. I started printing from 8.30am all the way to 3.40pm. Woah! Poor printer!! It never had to work so hard under my brother's care.
And it was a leisurely day for half a day.
After picking Athena up and things I had to do with them is another story. *catching breathes*

The days that followed, I made myself even busier by packing stuffs for the children. Hmm... mom says "why do all these useless things?" Hubby will probably shake his head for 'wasting money again!' I don't know leh........I find the joy in making children happy. So despite my 'very busy, no time to R&R', I'd still want to do. Yah! Maybe I'm really crazy. Maybe I'm Santa Claus in my previous life, maybe it's a calling for me to volunteer in orphanage? yoh can't even handle my 2 kids how to handle others? Took me almost 3 hours to pack and I'm really exhausted. Pack what? That's another blog entry.

Side track to my conversation with Athena earlier in the day, she told me there's an Aunty (her classmate's mother) who comes to school quite regularly to teach. And she asked me to teach her class. To be a teacher aide that is. I'd really love to but as it is I'm fussing around for more time, let alone to volunteer my "already not enough" time?? She asks,"so when you're free?" "Hmm... mummy will be free when the two of you are not schooling I guess." I guess children likes the idea of seeing their mummy in the school??

Top 3 position??
I overheard hubby talking to her the other day,"If you do well in your exams, I'll bring you to Japan end of the year." I scream over his unfairness. "I don't care! She don't so well, you bring me and Aricia."
When I was in school, my mother lied to me for many years. And now, I have to go through this cycle again?? I'm studying for my exams at the end of the year? I'm taking my PSLE in 6 years time - must be one condemn student. 30+ taking PSLE. But don't you agree that parents are taking exams together with their kids?
As the kan-cheong mother, I gave her a more specific requirement from me. She gets a kitchen set from me if she comes back with the Top 3 position in class. Hard to get? I don't know, she's smart but I wouldn't know how she ranks in her class. Plus she's very careless too -which she may lose some precious marks. I shouldn't be writing this down, then everyone will be asking me how she scored at the end of the year and many years to come.
Okay, the funny thing is when I told her my expectation. She obediently nodded her head. Mother happy right? Then she asked,"mummy, what is top 3?" *slap head* how to get top 3 like that?!?!?!
The next day she asked me,"mummy I get Number 1 is okay?"
Me :"Of course, I'd be very happy if you're the first in class."
A : " I am 1,2 or 3 I get a kitchen set?"
Me : "Yes"
A : "Then if I'm number 4 leh?"
Me : "You get an empty box."
(she pouted her lips and a few seconds later she laughed)

What's she fussing about?
I found one of Athena's 'fussing about over dunno what' very hilarious! Tuesdays are reserved for English where I'll teach her some grammar and then she goes to do her assessment books. She was writing some things into her "Grammar Book" and then she started complaining.
"I don't like to do grammar. I hate to do grammar. I don't like to do grammar, I hate grammar! I have to do grammar in school, at home I have to do grammar." I explained to her the importance of learning grammar, yet again she continued to complain. And while complaining, she was writing. I couldn't be bothered to talk sense into her coz' nothing would go in her brain at this juncture. *bewildered*

5th April - Sunday
KZ requested for an off day a week ago. She wants to go church, she mentioned to me about Pastor Prince before. However she wanted to bring Athena along with her, dare not go alone. I allowed her.
She came back telling me how that greedy girl of mine opened her eyes widely when 'breads' were passed. Small cups of purple coloured drink was passed around too. That girl popped it into her mouth before everyone else. And when KZ explained to her that's the blood, she replied "No! that's Ribena." LOL


Can't wait, can't wait for brother to come back with childrens' loots. Meanwhile online shopping is on a standstill until I see what I need to top up. Now I know why hubby is delaying the time to go Japan. He knows the wife is going to make him broke. Hahaha!

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