Sunday, April 12, 2009


I haven't baked Athena's favourite Pandan cake for a very very long time.

And I'm really nervous. My first 2 tries were edible but needs alot of improvement. And as a baking newbie I simply couldn't deduce what went wrong with my bakes, only using my assumptions.

Chiffon cakes may seem easy but I read from somewhere that it may be hard to do. And I thought that statement is true coz' all my other pound cakes, butter cakes, cheese cakes etc..turn out okay even if it's my first try.

But after some other bakings and certain rationales learnt, I did realise my probable fault for chiffon cake.

Here, my girl waits for her cake. She was extremely happy. Cakes turn out okay, except for the second rung.
You can guess that I used the Hello Kitty and Pooh bakeware as well. But peeling it off the silicone bakeware has to be done cautiously. My impatience has caused a scar in HK's face.
I'm really nervous you know. Not that I'm being tested by some sous chef or what but... if I fail this time I'm really a big failure.
I peeled the cupcake liner and nervously break it into half. Wow! The texture is definitely what I see in chiffon cakes. Oh man! this is really chiffon cake!!! 成功!!! Happy like crazy.
The lucky children saying "yes, I want 2 cakes" made me really happy. Hubby don't like cakes so my faithful 'customers' are my 2 children (who still thinks I bake the best cake in the world.) and KZ.

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