Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter treats

The treats
This year I found
Laica Ovetti in Candy Empire when Richard & Irene was on a visit in Singapore (that means it's stocked up since early March). I jumped for joy coz' I remember eating Laica chocolates somewhere during my flying years and it was one of the must try chocolates (in my opinion) and really thank God for Candy Empire, I didn't have to travel far to Europe to get my daily doses of sinful chocolates. *fat*
It's a real big pack with very cute foils on it , so I bought only one thinking it might be sufficient. 4-5 per kid should be sufficient. It's rather costly I must admit but I feel it's price equate to taste. To make you drool further, it's Nocciola which is hazelnut and it has some cereal bits inside. Yums! Ooh...........

And so started dividing and oops! not enough to go around, I didn't have the chance to go down to Candy Empire to get another pack. So I had to get the normal Cadbury chocolates and mix them in the little treat containers. In the end, I could only give out 3 eggs to each children (little compared to last year). I gave Aricia's friends 2 Cadburys and 1 Laica + one chick. And Athena's friends 2 Laicas and 1 Cadbury + 1 chick. Packed in a little cupcake cup (one cup was rather flimsy so I was not environment friendly by putting 2 cups) with the grass thing. Was rather disappointed that I couldn't find the edible kind as I did last year. Tagged and tied a short ribbon to it. The children loved the chicks and kept playing with them until I had to stop them.

Difficult to please Athena. She kept asking me why I had to pack for all of Aricia's classmates and I can only give her a few to distribute for her class. Well, 30 is alot of children and I'm going to go crazy packing so many. Moreover I'm not sure if her school allows such things to be given out.
In the end, I only gave to Aricia's MMI classmates + some extras for teachers' children; Athena's JXC and school friends. Had to axe out Berries', Ros's and Shichida's - unfortunately!
cheep cheep
For Aricia's friends
For Athena's friends
The cupcakes
I made some mini cupcakes too for the children in Aricia's class.
Baking, pound cake, was done on Tuesday and rather fast too, since I did mainly all the mini mini cupcakes and can put in 24 at one go. Goash! I thought the size I had is mini cupcake but it's the next smaller size. I finish mine fast - one mouthful. So made alot of extras. The buttercream was prepared the same night after the kids were in bed.
Decorations were done on Wednesday night. Sigh........very simple, can't do much coz' I have no talent. Dunno why I'm still so thick-skinned to show these here.

These big ones are for the teachers
For the children, the spare ones that can't fit into the caddy
Some plain ones were packed in too.
The presented set for the children. The wordings took me over 3 days to complete - reason being I only had one set of this pattern set and I have to do triple/double of certain letters. But I'm pleased with my (ahem) horrible skills of piping. Still need to practise on the 'grass'

Good thing for this caddy I bought quite some time back
I arrived the school with all the cuppies still in good condition. Phew! *wipe perspiration*
Hope the kids enjoyed them.


ten3001 said...

hey who said those r humble designs? they r beautiful!


Lily Ann said...

Hi Teni,

You're being so diplomatic. These are really very simple designs.

Serene said...

Waaa lovely cuppies!!! And yes the leica chocs is nice! I "stole" fr the girls! *lol*

Lily Ann said...

Hi Serene,

Sorry couldn't give Raelyn any, otherwise how to answer to the rests of the K2 children?
Hey! Nottie mummy!! It's meant for the kids.... when I went to Candy Empire on Sunday, I didn't see them anymore. *sobs*