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My Day - Monday (13th)

I swear to God my heart has been palpitating for past 2 days. I dunno, it could be over-exhaustion (too many things to do; too little time) or it could be dragon-me spouting balls of fire at Athena. She's been making me fume up so easily
which I'll come to that topic later.
Today, I went go gym and only spent like less than an hour there. And it wasn't a really good workout for me. Why? I'm feeling very edgy; heart palpitating (was so worried if I'll collapse in gym).
To sum it up:- it just wasn't me.
Decided to leave gym and since I didn't bring my clothes I couldn't shower. Well... in the first place I didn't even perspire at all! Headed for retail therapy instead.
Dunno if it's psychological effect or what. The moment I drove towards Taka, I felt so uplifted. So... me! When I said retail therapy... still it wasn't for me. I went to Better Toy Shop and Kinokuniya to pick out things for the kids. Saw something which may be of use to Aricia, but perhaps she's still young for it. I'll wait.

In Kinokuniya, I knew what I was looking for. I was happy when I came across these books by Slangman . He uses fairytale to teach children foreign language. Not many words taught but I thought it's a good start. And the illustration is so cute! I was flipping through the Cinderella in German in Coffee Club and bursts out laughing when I saw the "eyes popping out between the Prince and Cinderella at the ball" - there's a great sense of humour. But the words just kept ringing in my brain after one time of playing. But this doesn't come cheap - close to $30 for one book.
Although it was a short 1hour+ trip of retail therapy, I definitely felt much better. Tomorrow, I shall 'eat snake' & skip Aricia's session and pamper myself. I need to gym, run errands as well as go for my long overdue facial. One day won't kill right? Moreover this mummy needs a recharge. Let's see if I have time to do retail therapy for myself.

* Cough out fire / blood *
I dunno what's wrong with me. Master Tan ever did point out that after this pregnancy I'll go through depression. And I'm glouting about "nah! it'll never happen to me coz' I think positively." But wait! Is it really Athena who made me so angry & flare up easily or am I going thru depression - thus targetting at my girl? Whatever it is, I'm a bad mummy.

That girl.... sometimes want to say she's sensible; but sometimes she's really irritating. Tell her don't do it, she'll still be doing it. Then she also deliberately do things to make us angry. I mean.......if I want to say I'm going thru depression, surely my hubby's not going through post-paternal depression right? I close one eye and ignore her.......still feel very pek-chek.

Jasmine says I'm very patient. I think she was only being diplomatic although she made that sentence when I only had one child. I'm always very impatient and Athena's wishy washy attitude and the way she whines makes my irks more. Even KZ says sometimes she cannot tahan the way she yang-or..

Mom always accuse us of feeding our children cold food. Wah piang eh......although I'm a crazy and mad mother, I'm not that crazy to feed my children cold food right? Then she kept saying "I always keep my food warm and if it's cold.. I bring it back to cook over the fire again." If you've got an impatient child who wants to eat "NOW NOW" you think they'd wait for you to heat up the food?? And in the first's my children who take a looong loooong time to eat. No excuses for Aricia who's still young but Athena?!? And thing is, she eats fast in school. She doesn't create much trouble at mom's place - always at her best behaviour. So it's me that she wants to taunt.

She responds in a funny way after every stack of flashcards. She'll make a "mah" sound. She laughs when I show her the music flashcards and sing the solfege for her. (I have a feeling she's going to enjoy music more than her sister, and will be very very keen to learn the piano) she's suddenly shown a lost of interest for some stack of cards. Heng stacks of cards on standby. That's why it's good to prepare more way ahead.

She has been copying too much of our actions lately.

She picks up the phone and puts it to her ear. Sometimes the wrong way around until we tell her. And yesterday, she was eating and dirtying the coffee table when she suddenly lifted up her dress to clean the table. She mimicked KZ cleaning the table with a cloth. Funny!

I mentioned that she's been so rude pointing her little finger everywhere. So yesterday she was like complaining to me... hey! she seems to understand our conversation leh! KZ was asking me earlier in the day if I had removed her packet drink which she left the day before on the console. Just then Aricia pointed out to me where KZ had left it, which did surprise us coz' KZ hasn't even shown me where she left the drink. Then she turned to look at me and pouted her lips. I asked her if Aunty Zet let her drink, she pointed to the place again then moved her mouth and pouted her lips.
Today while waiting for che-che to get ready for school, I was holding a ball. Aricia (again) pointed with her little index finger and then mouthed "bbrfrffall. bbaall"

She has nasty temper, and it says so coz' she has curly locks. Carry her away or stop her from doing something, she'll start kicking her legs in the air; arch herself backwards. As it is, I thought the way she kicks her legs, she makes a good Irish dancer. Yesterday she proved to me that she can do German Folk Dance as well.

PS. This is not the song that gets her excited. I'll make sure to get my video camera ready next time.

I had trouble understanding Athena (wrong frequency) about 2+ years back coz' she speaks funny- like short tongue like that. Watch this video :


Me : Athena, what day is it today?

Athena : 2 (actions 2)

Athena : 2 years old

Me : *slap own head*



Me : Sing the opening song

Athena : open song

Me : *bang own head against wall*

Apparently 2+ years later, I'm suppose to understand her right? But no, I didn't understand what she was yakking about yesterday.
I was giving her her violin lesson and reminding her about Variation C when she stopped and said "mummy, it's like M hor? Long short short." Didn't want to sound discouraging so agreed with her, only to have her yak "and it's also like letter W hor??"
Then she touched her A string while playing E string, I nagged at her. Her remark was "yah, mummy. like that like every morning you bring me to school traffic jam hor??" I don't understand what has the A & E string gotta do with the traffic jam.

Somehow this morning, I thought about it. I think she's was trying to use the analogy of touching the strings and kissing the front car's backside (as I always joke with her about the heavy traffic)

That reminds me, Jenny used to tell me Eliz's instructor taught them "Dirty dirty scrub scrub" for Variation A. I can't remember the rests now. But I found this

Mississippi Stop Stop(Variation A)
Dr. Suzuki (Variation B)
Hamburger Hamburger(variation C)
Mississippi Mississippi (variation D)
The Theme

I think I can change it :

Variation A - Athena Ting sit down

Variation B - will you keep quiet / will you eat faster?

Variation C - play violin, play violin

Variation D - naughty girl girl, naughty girl girl


She finally came back after being absent since May. The children- Yui, Balraj and Athena felt strange to have her around. They stood close and laugh at each other in class; MeiYi was left out.

Actually I'm already confused. When I bump into MeiYi's mummy, she told me she changed to a later class coz her hubby can't come in time , then she kept telling me "our class was at 6.45pm right? Huh? Anyway, not surprised that she's confused herself since it was a really long absence. She asked to transfer back to our class but Ms Low said she can't do it coz' she can't catch up & she has to join the later class which was formed recently. True enough, she stood there blur blur didn't hold her violin properly, wrong rest position, never press string. When the children were all playing the 3 variations, she couldn't even play her Variation A. Ms Low did comment to me once when we were chatting before the rests came that for people like her she needs individual lessons. Not that she was gossipping about her, but mainly the topic came about coz' I checked with her if we have group lessons for long.

Ms Low did ask her if she wanted to stay on the next class. She was being truthful to her....but I think her mummy didn't look happy and walked out. Anyway, the mummies kindda felt uncomfortable with her around and just smiled at her.


All geared up to go gym, but I needed to use brother's computer first. I'm so fed up with Starhub's slow server. Anyway, I also wanted to avoid the crazy ERP charges. Was chatting until... I gave up and ran around Street 21 instead. Buay tahan, the heat is killing me. I perspired partly from exercising and partly from the heat. Wanted to do some banking but it was close to noon, so shall do banking tomorrow. Now, I shall quickly update my blog and post it out and then go for facial.

I'm skipping Aricia's session today and I feel really weird..............really weird. I feel like I owe her something like that.

Another video of Athena found! Found another video of Athena speaking in her gibberish way. See the way she mimicks "short" - so cute! She's so ticklish, laughing at little things.


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