Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hinamatsuri - 2nd March

It's ひなまつり. Wow! I thought I did this last year... another year has passed. And no pageantry celebration or preparation coz' I had been really busy with the girls. Simple affair for them as it's a school day too.

2nd March
Here, the girls are excited when they saw a parcel. To their delight, it's Kitty-chan
Savouring some treats
A hug from daddy. A goody bag from me
And their much awaited present. Like Christmas like that!
Opening up their goody bag

3rd Mar

Goodies prepared for che-che's friends. Nope! I didn't prepare for mei-mei's friends - too many children already.
In it were hina tsuzumi, hina arare, hina fruit cup jellys, candies and soft jelly.
In the morning, I prepared a simple bento. I love the way some Japanese mama did theirs. Haiz! I still need my precious sleep afterall.
Rushed back home and prepared their lunch and for their tea-break.

Here, mei-mei is enjoying her lunch
For their tea-break

It's scaled down, but it's the thoughts that counts right?

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