Friday, March 11, 2011

Sports Day

First Sports Day for che-che. Well, for the last 2 years the lower primary have a day off from school.

She looked forward to it. We left the house early, in order to get a parking lot in Tampines Stadium. Packed snacks for her friends. She didn't get to sit with her friends coz' everyone's from different House Team.

The pictures for the day's events.

Our pride

Hi ladies, you're on my blog! The nice and funny ladies

Tabulating the scores
I sneaked into the students' area - thought I can blend in (since I wore blue).... only to be chased out later. Sob sob...

Parents Race. The indirect way of not wanting to participate in any running is - not to wear any track shoes. Haha!
Look! No shoes. But I'm not so game like her.
The cheerleaders

Well done, ladies!
Broke out in cold sweat.

Overall House Winner
At dismissal

Nope! This trophy belongs to her BFFeaeae


bscoll said...

I know this is a very weird comment/request but I came across your blog in my google search for Cubico. You had an entry from November 2008. I think your Cubico looks so nice and wondered if you wouldn't mind sharing how you made the cubes.
Thank you, Shelley

Lily Ann said...

Hi Shelley,
My apologies for this extremely late response.
I merely made a cube out of my hard paper (350gsm) and then printed some numbers and pasted over.
Hope this helps