Sunday, March 6, 2011

Belle's 5th Party!

Finally a party which mei-mei can declare "it's my friend's birthday party" And it's her good friend.

Decorations were cute!cute!cute! For a cute girl too! For a moment I thought I was in Antartica, swarmed by penguins.

Decorations which mummy did. Awesome!
Birthday girl and her penguin pals
Bouncy Castle. I tell you kids these days are really lucky!
Mei-mei having her hand painted
Can't resist taking photos around the room. Everything's cute
Including this lil' boy Fergus aka Peter pan
During the party, mei-mei asked to use the toilet. We waited for a long time... until someone opened the door and a dolphin popped out. She was frightened. Hmm.... I wonder when she'll overcome this fear.

When Mr Dolphin came and games were played, she koala-ed me. Suddenly I'm in the Land of Oz?!?!
Birthday cake
When the kids gathered for this shot, she kept turning her head to make sure Mr Dolphin don't get too close to her.
Kids discussing which part they'd eat
Pinata time!
Che-che tried it. Mei-mei didn't like this whacking kind of pinata

But never mind, she can collect ..........hmm.....not too many sweets please my girls. They love sweets but I do restrict them. Most of the time, I give them to mom. She can give away to neighbours' children

This is really cute!
1) It is a good chat topic to start with
2) Kids have fun with it.
My take on this? YOU'VE BEEN FRAMED!!

Kids weary after all the jumping about in bouncy castle. We left for home.

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