Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birthday Boys

Mom says my whole life revolves around parties and parties. Well, that's because kids these days are really fortunate. They get parties while the person who brought them into this world slog hard organising their party. But I guess nothing beats than seeing your precious child enjoying his /her birthday party.

We had the honour of being invited to two cute boys' costume party. Everyone came dressed up.

Aricia wanted her Lil' Jessie costume (Guess everyone's tired of this costume already, so shall keep this away soon).

These are the events that followed : -

Playtime before her BFF comes.Though she is very gusty, when it comes to this kind of inflatable playground, she chickens out
The birthday boys.
Ahoy Deccy! Fireman Fergy

Here comes her BFF
She finally decided to have her hand painted
Snack time

"What is the time, Mr Wolf?" She's really excited and happy, kept jumping up and down. Happy to see that she's enjoying herself.

Cake time!
Guess what?? Blur me actually deleted the whole lot of photos... ARGH! Lost some candid shots of my girl.
She had a whirl of good time and all I could tell her was - "Girl, enjoy your childhood!"

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