Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Fun!

Come end-March, my girls would very often ask me "are we having egg-hunting this year?" They know that this mummy don't disappoint them either. I wish my mom had done this when I was younger.

Treats for their friends were prepared. These little eggs were given to mei-mei's kindergarten classmates.
Treats for che-che's IJ friends

And today... it's THE DAY! The girls woke up early, chirping around "mummy, can we start the egg hunt now?" Kept pestering me until I gave in and started their hunt earlier. (but was still late for birthday party)

Hid around the house. I don't have that many place to hide but they still find the thrill in getting their eggs. This time round, I try not to put too much sweets in the empty egg shells coz' most of the time it wouldn't end in their stomach.

Hiding eggs around the house. Cute hor! Even to such obvious spots, my girls were so blind
They ran around the house. Mei-mei is definitely faster this time round.
Jumping for joy when she saw this but couldn't reach. See how she tried her very best to reach. In the end, she accepted the help from KZ
Children counting their eggs and see their prizes
Mei-mei and her prizes
Che-che and her prizes. She was really lucky to get all the water-stickers and 1 stack of colourful paper.
And two bonus eggs.

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