Thursday, December 30, 2010

30th Dec 2010 - last day

I had mixed feelings when received the letter from St Hilda's in November. Just days before their concert.

I know I was the one who asked for the bailout but why am I feeling so attached? I hate partings and I must admit this is a good and clean school. A place where mei-mei enjoyed herself (she had days too when she'll complain she didn't want to go to school when she sees her che-che in home clothes), she's learnt alot in this school. Perhaps due to Montessori method, she's exposed to the many cultures and having to "travel to many different countries" without packing her bag.

When I look back her photos, I noted the date. She was in school on 29th Dec 2008. Just 3 days in school, one day break on New Year's Day, then officially school term starts.
I remember my concerns having 2 kids adjusting to new school the same year 2009, so I needed a few days of adjustment for mei-mei. Yes, she did cry... all kids cry. That was her first day in school and I'm just so glad the whole family went out in force to support her (haha! I think that's why she cried more)

1st day in MMI - 29th Dec 2008

Fast forward 2 years & 2 days later - on 30th Dec 2010 - my girl set her foot in school for the last time as a student. We know we will be back. Not as a student but as a guest.

What to gift the teachers who made an impact in her life? What to gift the children? I didn't have time to DIY anything so commissioned a friend, a scrap-booker (who's son is in the same Shichida class as mei-mei) to help me. She charged me reasonable fees. And most importantly I didn't have to lift my finger in doing that which is time-consuming so that I could concentrate on other things.

Today, as I brought her to school. Mei-mei told me "mummy, I dowan to go to another school. I want to stay in MMI." My girl is big enough to tell me what she wants but sorry baby, mummy's too selfish to think about myself. I'm exhausted; really exhausted having to bring you to school everyday even on school holidays. Not that we live close to school, it's the distance. (Now, we must pray for property price to drop) But I don't get the best of both worlds. I have to make sacrifices. For one, I can't go back home daily as school starts at 8.30am and ends at 11.30am. What to do with the in between time? How many things can I do outside? Then I really have to stay additional hours in the night trying to finish my things? Can't even sneak a quick facial! Argh!

Ordered a cake from Temptations, and for the second time - I've never tasted the cake!! I ordered a 1.5kg thinking it will be more than sufficient. Nope! We were left with a slice, the kids asked for more.

Girl eating off the flower

Giving out her gifts to the kids.
For her good friend, Clarabelle
For her friend Patrick, who's in K2
For the teachers. Hugs hugz.... thanks Teachers for enduring with my lil' noisy girl
And how can we ever forget these 2 great ladies who also played a part in keeping the school clean and feeding the children.
Big thanks to Teacher Mei, the boss of the school, who is so friendly and nice to us.

We give thanks to God for giving us the chance to meet wonderful people.

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