Monday, December 6, 2010


We had a celebration with this group of kids from the DAZZLING GIRLS Club.

First Dazzling Mother, May Ling and myself met earlier to decorate cakes for the 2 birthday girls. One is a mummy and another is a 6 yr old girl. Well, I should say a big THANK YOU to her coz' I've never decorated a cake in Icing Room before. Not that I need it as I bake and decorate my own cake. It was a good experience.

Dazzling Girl, Summer partnered me. And we decorated the mummy's cake.

Sherry and che-che decorated for the 6 yr old girl, Trixilia. At first their cake look alright. Until they decided to put more and more and the cake look ...???? (which had the birthday girl crying..)
The night is young while this big group of noisy patrons tear the restaurant down. As we left the place, we made the kids thank each mummy for their contribution. The kids went "Thank you, Aunty XX and may God Bless you always." - what they say in school. All mummies were satisfied and walked away, the kids chorused "hey! you all thank us!!" The kids are really funny! Well, as sporting mothers we lined up in a row (following them) and thank them. Haha!

After dinner, we adjourned to T3's Macs for some ice-cream. Argh! Diet plans all gone down the drain!

The girls helping the baby in the group. And she walked! Ooh... hope this friendship lasts a long time and we'll see Baby Saby learn to walk to getting married many years down the road.
11+ and the old folks were really tired. The Energizer kids didn't want to leave; hopped around while we look on with weary red- eyes.
Thank you ladies for a wonderful time!

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